Energy and hunger


    The energy disappears very quickly. It becomes very tiring to have to constantly pick up stone and make campfires. I mean when we are not in combat, just walking around the map ... because if we are going to talk about combat even more tiring it is ... I cannot farm 5 minutes without having to do a campfire.

    Is it something I don't understand ... if the game has its own schedule because they don't use that schedule to define the speed at which the energy and hunger drops?

    Another point ... there is no reason for the energy to fall as fast as hunger. We eat at least 5 meals a day in real life ... in the game we make 1 meal for each energy bar ... and sometimes even that ...


    Probably there are some talents which improve this.


    You are doing something wrong. The energy depends on your constitution, but it takes at least 20 minutes to deplete, even with very low CON values.

    Are you perhaps using the fury or second wind skills?

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    also, how encumbered are you. Low Strength and carrying a lot will use up your energy 3x as fast

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