Notice Boards at the Blacksmith


    It would be very nice if there was a way to let others know what was intended for the metals in the smelters at the Blacksmith. For example, if I loaded up a smelter with tin with the intention of creating metal sheet for a catapult than I could post that to the notice board for that smelter. It could say “please use for crafting metal sheets catapult” Then as soon as the ingot was removed from the smelter the notice board would reset.

    I realize that it won’t force folks to use the materials for what is intended but it would be a very valuable tool for city citizens that log in on different schedules. Some of us can collect materials and put them in the smelters and others that login later can find them and move them along the processing path because they will know what was intended for them.

    Just a rough idea.


    @StormBug Love the idea of noticeboards in general. It has a nice, old-timey feel that encourages citizens, residents, and other city participants to explore their cities and check things out. Noticeboards in major crafting stations as well as a town crier/town announcements board outside city hall for general announcements would be a great addition.

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