Misc bugs


    • Skeletal Archer shows up under Humanoids when obv. undead
    • Not all item descriptions in the forge specify which type of damage the weapons do. polearm, great axe (slash obv. but still) etc...
    • no delineation between 1h and 2h weapons.
    • no horse tutorial (reported by Olive)
    • Major gripe here - absolutely no idea what stats armor/weapons have until you make it.
    • "Expected Item Quality: Fine(40%), Good (60%). - What exactly does this mean? 40% are fine, 60% are good? Just not very clear.
    • Shortbow requires more resources than longbow. seems backwards.
    • Arrow head type metal, bone, stone, don't seem to matter, arrow shaft quality the same. poor, fine, good, seem to have no affect on accuracy / damage output. If so, it's not listed anywhere.
    • Wolves heads do not stack while bears heads do, in a chest or inventory for example.
    • Cannot remove carts from property that were created pre-patch (that addressed the removing of carts from your property, help Spectre 4215w972n)
    • As an owner of a property, if you begin to craft a blueprint, then add a co-owner, that co-owner will not have access to the resource until relogging (assume this is what did it)
    • Tooltips when hovering over an item say, in an enchanter will remain if another player removes said item from enchanter.... lots of tooltips linger but I think this is one of the reproducible ways.
    • Smelter temperature minimum not obvious
    • Map zoom not centered on player. (I know, QoL but listing it to list it)
    • Tutorial 'The Adventure Begins' - no indication of difficulty on each of the three locations.
    • Purchasing a home is not obvious.
    • website login tab index is off. Should be able to tab from email to password, not 'remember me'
    • Wiki is weak, as a dev myself I hate documentation but for new players prior to marketing the game it should be solid.

    That's it for now. Love the game so far, give the devs a mandatory beer drinking meeting at 2pm tomorrow. Best ideas come from loose devs 😛


    Very good feedback 😉 totally agree with u 😉

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