Aesthetics of the game.


    Finally I was able to find a few hours to play this alpha.

    I'm enjoying the game as much as I expected, but there is a part of me that can't stand the texture of the ground and the fact that the camera is extremely locked in parallel to the floor.

    I would be curious to know if this type of aesthetics is currently planned to be like this in the release or is it a placeholder for more refined textures, I'd like to see some kind of a pictorial ones.

    Often navigating in the hilly areas of the map makes it difficult to understand where you can move and where you cannot for example, a clearer aesthetic would make navigation and often also the collection of resources easier.

    In addition to a clearer aesthetic it would make it easy to recognize the title at a glance and allow the project to "age more slowly".

    Do any of you know if a more defined artistic direction is planned? Or is the aesthetics currently what we will find in release?

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    They've said on numerous occasions that the completed Biomes are not fully textured out yet, and this is mostly placeholder textures. Some I'm sure they will keep, but there will be diverse textures in the finished product.


    I can't find the source but I remember a dev confirming that there are no plans to change the camera angle for release.

  • So what we have right now in the Alpha are just placeholder textures? I assume the Beta will actually have stuff going on in the world, everything is pretty empty right now.

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    @EXCIDIVM Correct, it won't be possible to rotate the camera.

    As for the textures, they've been making improvements to them in every test. In the fall alpha they added grass, in this alpha they've made some changes to make the biomes more distinct, and so on.

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