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    First, the game is amazing. As an online gamer since UO Baja 1997 (Counterstrike, Shadowbane, Warcraft III, Darkfall, Albion, Legends of Aria, Huntshowdown, Crowfall currently), this game is amazing and has a lot more potential. I am not a forum-warrior, always enjoy a good debate with the forum-academics lol. Anyway, Alpha's and Beta are established for testing and at times, developers like to get player feedback.

    Here is mine. I think game mechanics are greater than anything that a game can provide in a players experience. That said.

    Time seems to be a sink in this game. Traveling to other cities, mob spawns, waiting for smelting, leather, gathering etc.. I really like that actually. All players seem to have equal opportunity to resources. Location forces trading. That is all a tremendous, positive aspect for the game economy.

    However, I don't think Fractured offers introvert gamers or small groups much in the crafting arena - thus creating a deficit for these small groups to acquire weapons and armor on an equal footing. Simply because I don't want to locate in a major city or become a citizen to it? Rural property owners, small rogue groups are disproportionately restricted from crafting. I have yet to see a reasonably explanation as to why other than the arbitrary "the developers intended it this way". Curious as to what is the mindset or mechanics of this and why?

    Here is a possible solution: Depending on the size of the lot, only allow a player to build according to the size of the plot.

    Small plot = 1 smelter allowed
    Medium plot = 1 advanced smelter allowed
    Large plot = 2 advanced smelters allowed
    and so on...

    That way, time limits an individual's ability to mass produce, but it still gives small groups of players the ability to craft comparable armor and weapons against larger guilds. I want to compete in small group pvp, live on the outskirts of a city without having to be established in a city area.

    Example: There are three (3) people I have recruited to play this game currently. They are close friends. I am getting a 4th involved today. I may try to make this an official guild game in time (which will bring 20 to 50 more players) as I am testing it. My current small group of friends cannot compete against larger guilds in creating equal tier weapons and equipment. We would have to join a city, and craft inside the city. It just doesn't make sense, frankly a barrier that may scare us away.

    Unleash individualism.


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    Trust me, as a community, we totally get this concern. As a matter of fact, this has been debated on and off for not just months, but ever since the crafting got introduced fully into the Alpha testing.

    Here's what has come before, so you understand. It was of course originally introduced before cities, so a personal plot could have any crafting area that could be built. This was just to test the individual crafting tables mechanics.

    Then, when Cities were introduced, personal plots became highly limited in what they could build on them, as they wanted a reason for the city system. These cities could basically be locked by the Guilds/Governors that owned them so that non-citizens couldn't use any of the facilities.

    This majorly upset the solo/small group set of players (which actually makes up the majority of players on MMOs, just not as vocal usually). The Devs came together and next made it so more could be done in personal plots, AND proposed that cities could not restrict use of city-wide crafting stations, so even the solo'ist could take advantage of their services, but everyone does so at risk of others taking their refined goods if they aren't there to monitor the completion.

    Anyway, there has been some back and forth, and right now, the Devs have it so cities can restrict things to citizens, those outside of cities can build some refining and some crafting stations, but they private plots cannot access the higher tier materials in crafting as they are locked behind Tech Tree advancement of cities. This is an ongoing process. The City Owners have argued (not all of them, mind you) that final crafting should be locked to cities to encourage people to come into cities, but have also lobbied to be able to lock their crafting to their guild/citizens which as you note, would leave solo'ists/small groups without the ability to get upgraded gear without buying it in the market, when and if it becomes available.

    Personally, my own suggestion was similar to yours. Based on the size of your personal plot, I think you should be able to make 1 final refining craft station, and there should be a way to pay to upgrade your personal tech to allow that 1 station to craft higher end materials. In addition, based on size, you could have 1, 2, or 4 refining stations in your plot, which can refine any materials they are able to refine, with Advanced Refining stations maybe taking up 2 'slots'

    Either way, this is a long, drawn out, and oft revisited debate/argument in this game. The solo'ists/small groups and PvE delegation have pretty much pulled for more on personal plots, the Guild/Large Group/PvP crowd have argued that as Multiplayer is in MMO, that there needs to be incentive to make people interact with each other, and so some things need to be restricted to cities, BUT also some want to be able to lock said crafting stations to only citizens, so we'll see where it goes. The game's stated goal is to cater to both camps as equally as possible.


    GamerSeuss, that is a fantastic post! I really appreciate the history. I think you are on point, I like your idea better. It could also be an opportunity to provide a gold sink. Well said, thank you.



    Perhaps the benefit of a city is production. If time is the commodity in this game, the developers could reduce the time of smelting/hide/resources in the city limits. This alleviates the advantage of players attaining certain weapons/armor.

    Thanks again.



    I love the idea of a personal plot owner being able to specialize, and small groups being able to synergize.

    That guy who lives by the mine might even be a guildie who just wants to keep an eye out for randos snaking ore and pump out some ingots to trade for other stuff. He might help out the guild mining parties and fill up wagons to be taken back to town for trade, while crafting his own metalwork.

    That crew of four might station themselves in a cluster near a hot spot for various nefarious to service-oriented purposes, and help travelers replace busted gear.

    Thanks for dropping by, @FLeaLoD
    well said 🍻 🖖

  • @PeachMcD
    Great feedback!
    I do agree with flea that houses need some consideration for crafting. There are so many ways to simply separate cities vs house crafting.
    Such as a tax or fee for crafting from a house, limiting the amount of smelting pits, but to make it so they can barely craft anything is totally ridiculous.
    Having to run one set of materials to town to craft a set of armor does nothing other than irritate the player base imo.


    Getting the balance right on this will take several iterations, & no doubt each one will elicit a collective wail from whichever faction is impacted in a way that creates novel hardship for them.

    What's great about this game & community is that the P2W whales aren't automatically the voices devs cater to first - we're pretty much ALL invested here, and the level of constructive discourse is WAY higher than I've ever seen in a game forum. That's going to help the devs find the best balance, in the long run, even if it takes several tries.

    Thanks to @GamerSeuss @FLeaLoD @BitterLoD in this thread and to everyone who keeps posting constructive ideas, bug data reports, adjunct tools, and helpful critique (I'm looking at you, @Kralith @OlivePit @Nekrage @Harleyyelrah @maze... 😍 👑 👏 ) And of course, to @Specter who is sine qua non around here ❤

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