Fractured Spring Alpha Overview + The Good & Bad

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    I put a lot of work and man hours into this one.

    I hope you guys enjoy this. If you skip through the video, please consider watching the end for the Good + Bad opinion portion, it really touches on some of the serious issues and the good that the Fractured dev team has done.

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    Wow, almost an hour and a half. Thanks for a nice dose of knowledge and your personal insights on many things. Well done @Nekrage ! 🙂

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    @Tajger Thanks buddy! I appreciate your kind words!

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    Right off the bat, I'm going to comment on your last couple of points:

    1. I totally agree about the Siege Window being able to be set as any 4 hr window convenient to the city Governorship. With the global player base, there is always going to be a time when people can be online to siege a city, and, as you said, it is far easier for an individual to take a single day and plan around sieging a city than it is for a city owner to constantly have to readjust their realworld schedule to protect that city, and a city should have a reasonable chance to gather its protectors without too much fall out to their real time lives.

    2. Scope of the game: As much as I'm excited to see the 3 continents per world system an 3 planets to start, I agree that initial launch doesn't need to fulfill that total scope on day 1. Initially, for good growth of your community on each planet, it actually makes sense to release a single continent per planet initially, and then save the other continents for expansion material down the road. This is good from both a gameplay/community building standpoint, AND from a development schedule standpoint. Now, granted, once you perfect a continent on a given world, it takes very little to duplicate that continent with just a different shape to the landmass, so your not saving a whole lot of development time, however, if you plan each continent to have its own unique ecosystem elements, and unique legends to confront, than you are still saving a lot of development time you can instead use to speed up the initial release of the game. Personally, I'd be fine waiting until 2025 for the game to come out as long as the quality isn't compromised, but scope can be pulled back and then expanded later without sacrificing quality. Also, I'm 50 with health concerns, and it would be nice if the game actually released before I passed, just so I got to more than just Alpha/Beta it.

    That's all I have on this video so far, but great overview of the changes, @Nekrage and thank you for taking the time to lay it out there. Even PvE players such as myself can agree that there is a lot that can be done to refine the game to the betterment of play for all involved.

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    Does each city have the same hours as shown in the video? Or each of them have different time zones?

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    @Tajger Right now, each city chooses one of the 2 time slots


    Thanks for the work as always! Glad to have found this in the forums, I only knew of your Nekrage YouTube channel and was wondering where the videos have been 😆

  • This game looks like 2010s or something. I love the bonepit - really scary and that bone dragon looks like way fun to smite. Lol

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