Is there any class revealed?

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    Hello, is there any class revealed already? didn't find anything about it..

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Gerio! There are no "classes" in Fractured. Character building is much more "free-form" - you choose your strengths and weaknesses when you create your character, then you can learn any spell and ability in the game through the Knowledge System and re-build your character every time you're in front of a fire. Some of these mechanics are hinted to in the home page of our website, and they'll all be covered in detail in the upcoming Feature Spotlights.

    The closest thing to "classes" that I can mention are races and sub-races, which have a deep impact not only combat, but also on gameplay as a whole. They'll be covered in the first spotlight! 🙂

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    The only thing we've seen right now is the 3 different races (humans, beastmen, demons) and a few different economic playstyles (crafters/merchants, farmers/sheperds, miners/woodcutters, hunters/scavangers).

    I know these aren't necessarily "classes" but it's the only info so far.

    Edit: Just saw @Prometheus's response. Listen to him haha


    Not really true, all games have classes weather the devs says theres are or not, people will still focus into one area to strengthen there abilities in but this way hybrid classes can technically form

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    Those are "self made" classes more appropriately known as roles I believe (which is why the classic trinity works). What the devs are saying is that there are no "made" classes, players must make their own "class" for a lack of a better word. Instead, this topic might as well ask for any revealed skills, as that is what @Gerio wants to know.

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    Free building class, sweet

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