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  • I am not sure whether they made any changes on mob aggro distance or not, but in this test, I observe that the mobs aggro distance is nearly equivalent to the distance between my character and the edge of my screen. What that means is that, when I see a mob, it is already too late because it is already running towards me. I think they should reduce the aggro distance because right now, there is no critical thinking option, you either fight or run.


    It probably has something to do with the changes to stealth.
    If I remember correctly the distance at which you get aggroed depends on your stealth.

    Your char has low Dex by chance?

  • If it depends on the stealth, then the situation might be more dire than I imagined, because I have 22 DEX on my character 🙂

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    @Clinion Would be helpful to know which mobs specifically you've noticed this in. For instance, Dire Wolves and Worgs always seemed to have a huge Aggro in previous tests.

  • @GamerSeuss Actually, Wargs are ok in the sense that they do not immediately aggro me when I see them. Most problematic ones are wisps, earth elementals, sproutlings and bandits(some).

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