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    Sorry to ping you @Prometheus, but there's rumors (and discussions on the discord) going around concerning an MMO teased by Gamigo. Given the 'reputation' of said company, it would be great if you could provide at least a quick 'No, we're not partnered with them' statement, if this isn't the company you teased and never announced. That'd put the rumors to end before there might be potential harm for Dynamight Studios.


    @Logain i don't care about Gamigo or possible others, but about our italian guys. Silence isn't also the problem. But the past promises of communication/news, that's another story.

  • The most relevant topic today. I hope the guys from Dynamight Studios will give us an answer to this question! @Prometheus please dispel all doubts and uncertainties. Discord is all abuzz with this topic!


    @Logain - can you say more about Gamigo's 'reputation' or offer some sources for those of us who don't follow the gaming world as closely? I really hate the whole 'some say' thing. A quick DDG search didn't turn up anything scandalous for me - are we talking about political connection to extremist groups? bad labor practices? sexual harassment allegations? or what...?


    @PeachMcD said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...)Gamigo's 'reputation' or offer some sources(...)

    Sorry, I think this is the wrong forum to discuss something like that. I'd suggest the Fractured Discord, there's plenty of people happy to share their personal stories with said company.

    But no, nothing 'scandalous', more of a reputation to ruin games in a fast cash grab and close way with high pay to win rates.

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    I really hope the Gamigo rumors aren't true. Or if they are then hopefully Dynamight retains full control. I'd hate to see this game go P2W and die.



    Same. I wholeheartedly disagree with how Gamigo handles titles they publish. Enough so that I simply refuse to play any game they are involved with.


    If Gamigo rumors are true, I hope we can refund easily 😄


    Well, the arguments of that game being Fractured have as much value as tweets from Trump. People apparantly have too much spare time to spend on things like this.

    If Dynamight is ready and able to share, I like to see a message of them instead of some random people on the internet.

    Back to slumber until some real news emerges.


    @Yitra said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...)If Dynamight is ready and able to share, I like to see a message of them(...)

    Which is why this thread was created, to raise their awareness of the situation and to get a response by the only people knowing what's really happening.

  • O.k, just done some research to see if I can piece things together.

    The website in question is ""


    On the banner above is an eclipse, which I believe is in some of the lore / art of Fractured (I may be wrong).

    There are hints and talk of deities, which is a key theme of Fractured. There is also heavy emphasis on 3 different worlds, which also strongly corresponds with Fractured's 3 different planets / playstyles.

    The Twitter of Gamigo clearly implies said game will have player housing. Which is a main feature of Fractured.

    The website was registered in "Registrant State/Province: Hamburg", which is also where Gamigo are based.

    It's possible that we are wrong, but considering the evidence and Dynamight Studios silence on the topic, I would say it's almost certain at this point that Gamigo are involved in some capacity.

    I'm also likely not alone in expressing concern over the agreement between companies, as Gamigo have a very bad reputation in the gaming industry - Just as an example:

    I wouldn't blame Dynamight Studios for seeking funding via them, especially with the monetization system they are planning to use. HOWEVER, I and many others would very much appreciate a post expressing the terms and involvement of Gamigo, namely with some reassurance Gamigo isn't planning on doing a quick money grab or overly-whale hunting tactics / P2W etc.

    So far Dynamight Studios have proven to be wanting to develop the game in the right way, even if not everyone agrees with certain design choices. They appear to be doing what best for the game and the players. What we need now, is some kind of clarification on the recent changes, and what likely impact this may or may not have on the game.


    @Kazzier said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...)a post expressing the terms and involvement of Gamigo, namely with some reassurance Gamigo isn't planning on doing a quick money grab or overly-whale hunting tactics / P2W(...)

    If there's such a deal, they couldn't tell/show you the details of that contract because of a very, very likely NDA. Without the details, we wouldn't be able to judge, it could be that they have the best intentions but the contract is phrased in a way that's going to trap them in the end. Just take the 'harmless' and 'standard' term that you're not allowed to seek investment and funding elsewhere and combine it with a 'lax deadline' of a 2022 release. If DS funding is used up by then and the game's not finished, what's going to happen?


    The longer the Devs go without commenting the more likely it is that this is a true fact. I mean really they are gamers too. They have to know Gamigo's rep in the gaming community. They have to see that this issue is a concern for the Fractured community. If it wasn't true how long does it take to jump into the forum and a quick
    post 'Don't worry guys rumors of DS being in bed with Gamigo are just BS'?

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    @Gibbx Although their communication is fairly good, we also know that Dynamight is not a company that jumps into the forums to squash every forum rumor that comes around. Also, Gamigo may have a rep for a certain subset of hardcore gamers, but by far not all gamers have even heard of them. Many I've talked to have not, including many of the eSports cyberatheletes I know in the local community.


    Their communication has been fairly good, but is seriously lacking now @GamerSeuss. Six month ago, they suggested there would be a new high in youtube/blog posts and they'd reveal the name of their new partner. Two month later we're still waiting for the roadmap and the results of the survey. There's no news on the possible winter test.

    As for Gamigo's reputation, it's not exactly a secret. A simple five minutes Google search reveals some of the concerns and I'd hope that every company would do a minimal amount of research before selling their IP.


    @GamerSeuss I appreciate your efforts to be open minded but every day that passes without word from the Devs on this rumor only serve to lend validity to it. I find it impossible that the Devs could be unaware of Gamigo's well deserved reputation. Since this is virtually the only topic with traction here on the forums and seems to be blowing up in the discord as well I find it unreasonable that the Devs could be unaware of it.

    While I generally support the Devs not taking time away from developing the game it would only take @Prometheus 30 seconds to jump on here and say "look guys the whole Gamigo thing is BS".


    @Gibbx said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...) 30 seconds to jump on here and say "look guys the whole Gamigo thing is BS".

    On the 15th we're going to know anyway now 😉
    Gamigo has started a timer of roughly 6 days yesterday when '(...) all is revealed(...)'.


    It is highly likely that Gamigo is the mysterious publisher that was never announced.
    What this means though is uncertain.
    I know that the reaction of many has been "If Gamigo then Bye bye", but one must also consider that this is a really weird project for Gamigo.
    It is a buy to play game and is under development. It is quite foreign to the usual target of Gamigo, which is quick to milk F2P games.
    This, combined with the fact that honestly Prometheus and the rest of the team wouldn't do something that hurts their creature, means that the nature of the deal here is more than simply a company name .
    There are enough question marks here, that an impulse reaction isn't justified. I would wait and see for a while how all this unravels.

    TLDR: Yes IMO it will be Gamigo, but with a very different approach from their previews games.


    @spoletta said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...)It is a buy to play game(...)

    Plenty of (Steam) games started buy to play and went free to play a short time later 😉
    Look at Albion Online (a 'direct competitor').

    @spoletta said in Statement on the Gamigo-rumors:

    (...)I would wait and see for a while how all this unravels(...)

    That's certainly a good advice!
    But statements by DS and purchases should be considered with the 'Gamigo has the final say' in mind.


    As a AA player....uhnnn.

    I'll wait and pray Gamingo will just publish the game. Sure they will push for cash shop but you can only really exploit if the game is built for exploiting - like AA.

    Fractured isnt. You can, sure put p2w cash shop itens for sale but isnt like AAU. Actually AAU was a good experience. Bugs (archepass gold exploit) and multiboxing + rng gearing system is the issue. Gamingo cash shop wasnt.

    Fractured dont have rng gearing, multiboxing dont really worth and gear dont let you one shot people.

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