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    One single question, what is the refund policy ?

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    Hi all,

    I had to delete several posts in this thread as they didn't contain questions for the Q&A.

    For generic comments on the agreement between us and gamigo, you have this thread, the #general_chat channel on Discord, etc. They can be negative comments, we've never censored anything. Just not in this thread please 🙂


    1. Your news posting states that '(...)Dynamight retains ownership of the IP and creative control over Fractured Online(...)', but MGI's financial report claims '(...)Gamigo has acquired the worldwide IP rights for PC and console(...)'. Given that intentional misinformation towards shareholders in a financial report has serious legal consequences, which of these statements is correct and would you be willing to sign a legally binding contract with your customers (us) that assures us DS retains full and sole ownership of worldwide IP?

    2. What are the constraints to financial support in the contract with Gamigo? Is there a time limit, is there a concrete investment, does it permit seeking outside funding? To be more concrete, what happens if Gamigo decides the game's to be released now and simply cuts the money for development. That would mean a considerable dent in 'creative control', right?

    3. Would you be willing to include a paragraph into the ToS of purchasing a pledge package that grants the customer a full refund at any time, in case that the game goes free to play? Since you don't plan to change the monetization model, this should be a non issue and would help mitigate a lot of peoples worries.

  • How do we get a refund? Don't want anything to do with gamigo after there 'amazing' history with games.


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    I'm here to ask, since it doesn't seem to be in the list afterall; When will we get Steam keys?

    BTW I backed another game called Phoenix Point. Their backer page specifically said they would give steam keys but they ended up getting funded by Epic Games. They announced steam keys would be pushed back a whole year due to an exclusivity clause in their contract. The same thing happened at that point as well, people demanding refunds. Blah blah blah. I could care less who you get your cash flow from. You guys have worked too long on this for it to not release. Will it be exactly as promised? Probably not. But that is life, ever changing. As soon as people realize that you have to go with the flow of life they are happier for it. I will play the game until I feel I at least get my money's worth out of it 🙂


    Link to the recorded Q&A:

    List of questions with timestamp:

    00:12:07 - What does the partnership between Dynamight and Gamigo mean for the vision of Fractured?

    00:13:10 - Will Dynamight retain the property of Fractured if it proves to be not profitable?

    00:13:45 - Can the community expect a faster release of Fractured with the Gamigo's partnership?

    00:15:09 - Does Dynamight possess creative control and specifically monetization control?

    00:16:55 - What does Gamigo gain out of this partnership?

    00:17:52 - The press release from Gamigo says that they have worldwide IP right, does it mean that Gamigo owns the Fractured IP?

    00:18:29 - What is the support from Gamigo, does it permit seeking outside funding?

    00:19:14 - What is Gamigo's plan if Fractured doesn't meet profit expectations?

    00:21:02 - Will Fractured be region locked? What languages will it be translated into?

    00:21:37 - Will Dynamight ever support a plan for F2P or P2W features?

    00:22:45 - If we have purchased a founder pack already, will we receive the same content after the partnership with Gamigo?

    00:23:59 - Why choose Gamigo as Fractured Publisher?

    00:27:10 - What does Gamigo announcement mean for Fractured playerbase?

    00:30:12 - Has it helped registrations and new accounts?

    00:31:20 - What is Gamigo's long term vision for Fractured?

    00:32:06 - How can players be confident that Dynamights retains control over Fractured's directions and monetization?

    00:32:55 - When can we expect alpha, beta and launch to happen?

    00:34:55 - Will there be more servers in the upcoming test to handle the influx of new players?

    00:36:33 - Will Fractured still be released on Steam? Will it use the Glyph launcher? Or any other launcher?

    00:37:40 - How will redunds request be handled?
    00:40:11 - Will we see more of Michele's art?

    00:42:00 - Will a console version be released for Fractured?

    00:42:30 - Will Gamigo intervene negatively with the translation of Fractured in other languages?

    00:43:45 - When do we get steam keys?

    00:45:45 - What is the strategy for the imminent loss of players that will affect Fractured due to the partnership with Gamigo?

    00:47:13 - Discussion around the fact that Gamigo is supporting a game under development, which is contrary to everything they did before.

    00:48:19 - Can we have more persistent test phases where we don't have start everything from zero?

    00:51:20 - Has Wes had a chance to play Fractured? What are his favourite skill sets?

    00:52:35 - Is there a roadmap somewhere?

    00:54:25 - Another question about the launcher

    00:56:25 - Has Gamigo any experience with a project which is not F2P? Does it have a plan for a monetization model which makes the game progress and not disappear?

    00:57:20 - What features is Wes looking to? What would he change currently?

    00:58:55 - Can we see the demons in the next test?

    01:00:23 - When will fishing be added?

    01:01:15 - Will we get the implementation that the spells interact with the environment?

    01:01:40 - Will we get dual daggers?

    01:02:35 - How long will the contract with the publisher last?

    01:03:35 - When do we get the new builds on Glyph? Accounts need to be transferred?

    01:04:15 - How long will Gamigo financial support last after release?

    01:05:15 - What is Gamigo's plan to publicize Fractured?


    Thank you for the list.

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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you everyone for your questions and joining us on our first Q&A with gamigo on December 18th 2021!

    If you missed the stream, here's the full Q&A segment!

    Have any more questions? Join us over on Discord!

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