• Will PvP have open world PvP? Full loot drop? Silver drop? Conditional areas? Races or Factions? A open world PVP server? Anyone have any info on PVP they can share?


    So many questions...
    Ok, one by one:

    Will Pvp have open world PvP?

    On Syndesia and Tartaros PvP is enabled everywhere outside of city boundaries. On Arboreus there is no pvp.

    Full Loot drop?

    Tartaros has full loot drop, Syndesia's loot depends on your alignment:
    Good: Drop inventory and 2 items of equip.
    Neutral: Drop inventory and 4 items of equip.
    Evil: Full loot drop

    Arboreus has no pvp, so obviously no drops.

    Silver drop?

    What is this?

    Conditional areas?

    Cities by default have no pvp allowed, but you can declare your city as a lawless one, which enables pvp inside. On Arboreus there will be some border areas where you can be attacked by races from other planets.

    Races or factions?

    3 races. Humans on Syndesia, Demons on Tartaros, Wildfolks on Arboreus. Wildfolks and Demons are further divided in subraces.
    The pvp isn't faction based. On Tartaros it is fully open without consequences, on Syndesia you mostly have fights between cities or guilds, apart from the occasional evil PKers here and there.

    Open world pvp server?

    There will be only one server. The server has 3 planets: Syndesia, Tartaros, Arboreus. As previously explained those 3 worlds have different pvp rules. You can travel between planets, but it is far from easy, especially wildfolks going to Tartaros or Demons going to Arboreus.

    Anyone have any info on PvP they can share?

    Apart from the previous info, is there anything specific you want to know?

  • Nah, that sums it up. Very excited to hear about the loot drops, makes the game more hardcore and rewarding. I'm looking forward to testing it out if I get the chance.

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