Race interactions/limitations?

  • It says on the site "Travels between planets and interactions with other races will be possible, but subject to limitations." So how exactly will the races work, and what limitations are are talking about? Are we stuck to having one friendly planet, with the other two "factions" being enemies? Are our quest lines and stories locked to our race? So I can't be a human who lives among the Wildkins and experience both races' storylines? Or as a Demon who lives among the humans (for roleplay purposes for example, maybe under the backstory that this demon was born to a human mother, and thus rejected by his own kind)?

    If so then it seems kinda limiting.


    Arboreus and Tartaros are "enemies". The human world of Syndesia is mostly neutral.
    For the other 2 races, interacting with humans and Syndesia is for sure easier than interacting with the opposite planet.

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    The game is not meant to be 'quest-driven' with the only real quests being the tutorial quests right now anyway.

    As to racial limitations, yes, Demons can only live on Arborea, and maybe limitedly visit one of the other planets. Same with the Wildkin. That is part of the design philosophy of this game. The very environment works against you if your from a different planet.

    If there is quest lines, those questlines will be racially locked and not open across races.

  • Hmmm, if the game was story/quest driven then the racial divde/locks/limitations might make sense in a way, but having such limits would feel like a hinderance IMO in a game where self-discovery, exploration, and interactions is supposed to play such a large part. Severely limits the game and breaks the roleplaying... again, IMO.

    If they have to have opposing races with hostile/friendly/neutral interactions I hope they would have some kinda faction system - not one where you could max out everything mind you, not like in WoW or other games where you mindlessly grind to the max rep level and that would be that. Rather a more dynamic system where your interactions with the people and the world would shift your rep up and down accordingly. Would make your character more unique and personal.


    There wont be NPC's at all, so also no factions. And even if you discover every spell, that doesn't mean you're good with every skill since they are character stat dependent which you can't switch that easy after creation of the char.

  • Hmmm. Not being easy to switch stats... puts a damper on this game for me. One of the reasons I was looking forward to this game was because it boasts about how you can easily respec for free. Ah well.


    Well you can respecc your build anytime you want in a inn. But for the main stats of your character last info was we will get one free respec, after that we have to pay a good amount of gold and you can only do it like one time a month iirc.


    Attributes are the only fixed part of the character, or there would be no reason to roll more chars.

    Still, after the last test the influence of attributes on the overall capabilities has been reduced a fair bit.

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