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  • i love the finding the skill from learning about monsters mode of gameplay and was wondering how that would work for alts? It doesn't seem like alts can use skills acquired by another character so I have a suggestion that might make this a bit more interesting for players whether they like playing alts or just want to reroll their character.

    basically all your skills, regardless of who collects them, can end up in a skill "library" which is something tangible you can make in your house.

    when you start a new character then they can consult the library and get a "leg up" and get a base amount of knowledge from everything in the library. This could result in learning some skills automatically and/or a good leap forward for other skills.

    you would have to work to get this advantage though. You would have to make books to fill the library but once its in there any character can access it. In order to make the book you just need the skill and whatever required materials.

    the skills system is really neat imo but it does have a weakness in the alt department since players might be reluctant to do "everything" all over again. This basically lets you use any character you wish for the collection which I think might be important.
    Whether that results in just a leg up or complete allowance to use the skill I don't know what's best but there should be some way to make sure that all the skills you find, regardless of character, will eventually be useful to you.

    maybe something like this exists already but if not i think something would be necessary.


    The only 'leg up' your alts will have is access to the equipment your primary is able to source. This will make a big difference (up to 100% effectiveness) and help with doing the knowledge process all over again. But the only way to make the whole trip shorter is to do the VIP subscription.... which is kinda the point.
    The key is that you only really need to go and learn 8 skills to complete a build, so there is no need to learn 'everything' again for an alt.
    in the end it will be far easier to just complete a quest to respec your stats (once a month) instead of rolling a new character.
    The only reason to have an alt is to experience a different world or if you want a dedicated homebody to tend the smelters.
    The skill, talent, and equipment systems are flexible enough that you can basically hot swap archetypes so long as your stats do not pidgin hole you.

  • ahh I see. I have no issue with that kind of stuff being loaded into the vip sub. They have to get something for their money.

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    The game is not actively encouraging Alts. You can have them, but they purposely have them locked in certain ways so someone doesn't 'work the system' with alts. You can do a re-roll on your character in certain situations, however if you create an alt,, it starts from scratch except for 'protected' status and of course if on the same planet,sharing residences/city citizenship

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