Makes me think of 2 shows


    When I first saw the skill tree and the fact that abilities were gained from mobs, I thought of the anime The Rise of the Shield Hero. Some aspects of the show seem like they would work great in a real MMO.
    Then I saw that items are only crafted and not dropped, and I thought of King's Avatar.
    I have not had the chance to play any and only have watched videos for a couple days. I hope the item development can be similar to King's Avatar, where you can upgrade items by gathering certain components to add specific stats.
    Overall, first impressions from the videos seem great. I only wish it could have slightly better graphics instead of top down like Diablo. I would even prefer an over the shoulder with the lower graphics, like Asheron's Call.
    Can anyone that has played that may be familiar with these shows or games comment on how they are like or different from them?


    Unfortunately I havn't played King's Avatar, and I know Rise of the Shield Hero only from Isekai Quartet, but the item system works exactly like that.

    You craft the item, which has different properties based on the materil used, and then you gather reagents all around the world, from troll's skin to lavanda, use them to enchant gems and socket the gems into the items, giving them properties based on the gem and reagents used.


    And then shove gold into the item to level it up at cities which have specialized in that item type.
    Not a perfect (or great) system, but they are defiantly working on it as shown in the different implementations used the last few tests.

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