Spotlight sharing bug?

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Hey guys , i ve been getting some momentum with my Foundation and im not ashamed! Who doesnt want free stuff anyways ?
    But on the last 3 spotlights when i try to share them or tweet about them to the trillions of my followers and devoted fans the 2021 Development letter pops up instead denying me my hard earned foundation points!

    This is an outrage! I click Share and Tweet which is 2 buttons and then 2 more to confirm and all in VAIN!

    Who will restitute this injustice?


    Not sure if those "revamped" articles give any points. What is your count on shared articles on facebook and twitter in the foundation. At least I am my max and won't get credit for sharing those new ones.

    Aside that, it should be possible to share those articles anyway with the right link.

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