Hello everyone - I'm back with some questions


    I returned from the army and I see that a lot has changed this year... and unfortunately not in the best way.
    Many, like me, are worried about the new patron and publisher which unfortunately has bad reputation (even in our area) - I was going to buy maximum access upon my return, but now this desire has simply disappeared. Because there is no trust (no offense) but you are a small, new company that has no developments and a certain trust layer. And if, with large fees, you simply close the company (with the words - well, it didn’t work out, sorry guys) - then you won’t lose anything serious from this. Because of this it is very strange to hear - "trust me - nothing has changed in our vision of the game and we are not going to change our path.
    (I may not be understood correctly - so I can explain in the comments)

    I spoke out - and now I would like to ask a few questions (perhaps they have already been answered, but I did not find similar ones)

    1. What happened to the drawing?
    Have you really decided to become like censorship and change defiant and beautiful art?
    I liked the last drawing more, because it was not so clumsy and cartoony.
    Where did Nemesis go? Why was she replaced with Jaime Lannister?
    Replaced the sexy demoness with a nondescript stone creature (which has nothing to do with demons, except that it is an ordinary monster) against their background, the beastman looks too realistic. - as a result, now the owl looks the most adequate on the main art.
    The inscription also acquired the attributes of cubism that were not suitable for it. reminiscent of minecraft
    2. What about censorship?
    We saw that she comprehended beautiful art. but isn't there going to be strict censorship in the game for 8 year olds? because before it was not and there was freedom of speech.


    The drawing question was answered in the gamigo / dynamyte Q & A session.
    Watch the news feeds and information before jumping to conclusions please.
    Hot take is that the old artist became the director of art and has no time to do art of their own.

  • TF#5 - LEGATE

    @OlivePit ok, I'll rephrase. Where are the bare boobs of the demoness and the perfect waist of "blind justice"?

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