3440 x 1440p widescreen gameplay


    Hi All,
    Does anyone know if there has been any progress on the game support of 3440 x 1440p? The only message I found searching the forums was from back in Nov 2020 that stated "NOT AN OPTION" at that time.
    I have recently upgraded to enjoy widescreen at 1440p and was hoping to enjoy the upcoming Alpha trial access next week without letterboxing or distortion from an unsupported res if possible.
    I would also welcome any feedback from anyone currently playing the alpha at widesreen of any res on this thread.

  • @Thwunk Strange Looks like 2560x1440 is the highest 'supported' resolution in the settings. Pretty lame for a game being released in 2022 to be honest. I for one won't be spending a cent on this game if it doesn't offer wide screen support.


    @Meltdown , yes, unfortunately that seems to align with what I found on the forum about widescreen and 1440p support back in 2020. Will also be a showstopper for me if that is as far as it goes, as I think wide screen graphics look awesome and give far greater emersion in the other games I play like Destiny2 and Ark. Fingers crossed it's on the list of things to be done before beta, but won't hold my breath. Cheers.


    @Meltdown . Just got access to the alpha weekend and it opened with an option setting ticked to use my monitors setting, so it did auto open on wide screen which looked pretty good on epic settings that gave 88 FPS and did not warp, but not sure what res it was as there are no widescreen setting options shown in the advanced option even though it clearly works without warping and was not cropped to fit because when I clicked advanced and changed to the highest setting shown of 2560 1440p screen it only cropped at the the sides in and went to FPS of 141. Mind you had a hell of a job getting it back to widescreen using the my monitor setting but eventually found that all I needed to do was apply advanced setting to windows first before them setting to "my monitor" option and apply again and yay came back to widescreen of unknow but looked similar res. So in short widescreen of some res is supported and will be very interested to find out what. I will post on Alpha feedback forum and see what I get. in reply.. cheers

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