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    Hyped to try out the Alpha Weekend.

    Any starter tips for some newbies that start playing tomorrow for the first time since August '21?
    Good to see this forum so active, can't wait to join in tomorrow. 🤝


    Ok, you probably don't need all these explanations if you already played , but we need a new player guide and I'm going to write one here.

    Let's start from character creation.
    You will be presented with 2 choices. Attributes and background.
    The background selection (warrior, mage, archer, assassin) will define your starting skills. It doesn't limit in any way what other skills you can learn, you can always learn them all in time. It is just your starting point. Assassin is probably a bit more complex if this is your first time, and with mage you need to manage your mana very well. The other 2 are more straightforward.

    Attributes instead are extremely important. They are the only part of your character that normally cannot be changed (in this test we have a free respec). I suggest going for a balanced attribute distribution. This isn't a game where you can have dumb stats. All attributes are useful to all classes, I'll try to give you a quick summary of how each stat influences each background.

    First of all, the attributes are 6:
    Strenght: Affects how much weight you can carry, your hit points, your damage with most melee weapons, and your hp regeneration.
    Dexterity: Affects attack speed, evasion chances, stealth and lockpick. Some finesse weapons have the damage that depends on dexterity, like daggers.
    Constitution: Affects hit points (more than strenght), Endurance and how long you can go on without resting.
    Intelligence: Affects mana points, mana regeneration, willpower and the damage inflicted by mage staff auto attacks.
    Perception: Affect accuracy, critical chance and detection. Also affects the damage with bows.
    Charisma: Affects luck and mana (less than intelligence).

    In addition to this, all skills have the effects that depend on one of those attributes.

    Some explanation on the secondary values:
    Luck: Luck is a parameter which influences everything. Every time you check how much damage you inflict, if you crit, if you dodge, if you whatever, luck will apply a modifier to it. You can find the formula on the wiki, but it is particularly effective on rolls with medium chances of success.
    Endurance/Willpower/Evasion: These are save rolls. When you are hit by an effect, many times you will be able to resist the effects or reduce them with a succesful roll of the relevant save roll against the attacker accuracy. For example, you are caught in a fireball. The fireball spell has the following description:

    As you can see, it has an effect which depends on the INT of the attacker, and it allows an evasion Save to reduce the effects. The higher the accuracy of the attacker, the harder it is to make this roll. Note that melee attacks follow the same concept. Every time you are hit by a melee attack, you roll evasion against the attacker accuracy. If you succed. the attack is a miss. Ranged attacks cannot be dodged (usually).
    In general Evasion works against area attacks, willpower against mental attacks (confusion, daze, some stuns) and endurance against stun, bleed and poison.

    What does this mean for our backgrounds?

    Warrior: Strenght is necessary. It defines the damage of your weapons and the effects of most of your skills. It also gives very important HPs. Dexterity will give you some evasion against the attacks and most importantly will increase your attack speed. Constitution is the other stat needed for your skills, and it also provides a lot of HP. You can probably play without a lot of intelligence, but you will be auto hit by anything based on willpower. Perception is also a very important stat. Crit and accuracy are needed. You can play without it, but you will need to chase an equip with accuracy enchantments or you will suffer a lot. Charisma is needed mostly for the Luck. You won't need an high value, but I suggest at least 10 to avoid having a negative luck value, which is terrible.

    Mage: You can leave strenght a bit lower, but remember that if affects how much weight you can carry, so don't put it under 10. Dexterity for a mage is a stat where you either put a lot into it, or put it really low. You either bank on your dodge chances, or you assume that everything will hit you and get a lot of mobility spells to avoid that. Constitution will need a good value, especially if your strenght is low. You need to get your HP somewhere. Intelligence will need the highest value. Mana, mana regeneration and pretty much all your spells will have effects depending on intelligence. Perception is another stat which can use or not use. You can decide to have very low perception and use only spells which allow no save, or get good perception and enjoy accuracy and critical hits. Note: many spells can critically hit. Finally, charisma is another source of mana of the very important luck. Again, never have this lower than 10. In addition, there is a powerful class of spells, the power words, which do not allow a save from the target if you have more charisma than him.

    Archer: Like the mage, strenght is needed mostly for the HP and for the carry capacity. Don't put this too low, but also don't give it too much attention. Dexterity gives attack speed and evasion, so obviously important. Some skills of the archer also depends on the dexterity. Constitution is again needed for HP. The archers use a lot of mana, so intelligence cannot be left low. Also, spells based on willpower are tipically your worse enemy when trying to kite, Slow in particular. Perception is your most imporant attribute. While you mostly don't care about accuracy since arrows can't be dodged, the damage of the bow depends on it. It is also the most common attribute for the effects of your skills. Charisma is also another quite important stat for archers. Archers roll a lot and usually have just the right amount of critical chance to hit that sweet range where luck makes the difference. The fact that is provides you with some mana is icing on the cake.

    Assassin: Very similar to archer, but dexterity is more important than perception. Most of your skills have effects that depend on dexterity, and many of your skills auto hit. Sometimes also auto crit. You will also have to stay in melee while wearing light armors, so evasion will be your most important defense. The damage of most assassin weapons depends on dexterity. So yeah... kind of like the archer, just swap dexterity with perception.

    With that said, where should you go after completing the tutorial? (Don't know if the tutorial is still the old one. In that case, skip the part which tells you to go to different places on the map).
    You have 2 choices initially. Goblins or bandits. Both will be honestly quite hard. This isn't an easy game. In the end you need to visit both, since each of them has some important skills for each background. Mages will probably want to focus on bandits though. If you can, don't go there alone. Bring 1 or 2 friends. The knowledge points will be shared, but the total will be higher, so in the end you go much faster when in a party.

    Your first objective is to create a full preset. The starting skills don't fill your bar and don't use all your memory points, so until you learn a few new skills, you are fighting at less than half power. So get some skills to fill the gap, even if they are not the ones you want in the long run. Just do something with your slots and memory points. You can freely respec them at any time.

    Another important step should selecting your city, but in this test there isn't time for that. Just focus on the pve aspects, or do some pvp if you like.
    Note, usually red players can attack you, but newly created characters are protected from pvp for a time that is honestly longer than this test (you can remove your protection if you like).

    As a last point, a very common question, how to get an horse:

    1. Go around picking up plants, especially the ones with large leaves. They will give you plant fiber.
    2. When you have 5 plant fiber (very quick), from your crafting menu craft 5 ropes with the plant fiber.
    3. With the 5 ropes craft an animal net.
    4. Put the animal net on your quickbar.
    5. Now the hard part. Go around looking for horses. They are more common in fertile areas, which appear yellowish on the map. When you find one, throw the net at the horse and quickly run toward it.
    6. Right click on the horse to tame it. It will fail a few times and the nets last only a few seconds, so you will need more than one net. This isn't a problem, the animal net crafted has 10 uses.
    7. Once the horse is tamed, it will appear in your inventory. Right click to equip it and "A" to summon it.


    And the Fleshing beams are down by the river or behind some of the buildings and look like this:
    Fleshing beam.png

    And when crafting an item, realize that there are multiple resource options, not just the one shown by default;
    Crafting resource selection tutorial.png
    This same pattern works if you want to use different hide/wood/cloth materials for an item.


    We should put all this in the New player guide page on the wiki.


    @spoletta thank you so much!
    We only played in one of the playtests, so I figure a lot has changed!
    This actually really helps 👍


    @OlivePit some great additional info to @spoletta's post!
    Thank you for putting that in here! 😁

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