update lag spikes


    Lag spikes update:

    When ppl walk by they teleport over and ping goes up from 110ms towards 300-400 ms
    for me and @MrBd
    Location: at your city atm. not even fighting mobs.

    We will keep ya updated


    30 min and not going down for 450 ms atm. and its getting worse

    Good suggestion: move servers back to EU 😉

  • For what it's worth, they are currently restarting the server in an attempt to fix this.

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @CoachFubar @Zamuel, the servers have never been in EU, always US East. We're experiencing a bug which is causing DDOS-like conditions, with tens of thousands of commands (packets/requests) being sent each second. Servers are still stable, which is great, but it obviously causes all commands to be processed more slowly, hence the latency.

    Due to the recent backend engine update, we've lost the possibility to breakdown commands by type. This will be re-implemented in a later update, but for now we're left without means to figure out what is causing this. The issue comes back soon after a restart. We'll keep investigating, but I'm not sure we'll be able to fix it by the end of the alpha weekend. Apologies 😞


    cheers for the detailed explanation @Prometheus . good luck and i hope the weekend tests still give results for future benefits

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