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  • Guys,
    I have grouped up with a lot of players. One discussion that arose, quite a few times, is a 'Party Loot System' where the loot is shared in an equal and fair manner amongst all in the group. Just now it appears to be a 'First to Loot First to Get'. Granted most I have grouped with have shared the loot but there have been some who act like Dyson vacuum cleaners and take all they can get.

    Your thoughts?

  • Why not make it possible for players to choose the system for distributing loot in the party? For example :
    Fair distribution (whoever excels the most gets the best reward).
    Equal distribution.
    ONLY the one that caused the most damage receives the reward.
    (Sorry, my English is bad, so the thought may not be complete)

  • Wiki Editor

    First and foremost the system should be setup when the party is created and tell you when you join the type of system that is set. if the system is to change it warns everyone and everyone must agree "yes" to change the system, if anyone votes no the system does no change. This is to reduce toxicity with people who try to steal stuff last min from bosses.
    When setting up the distribution it should be 2 drop boxs, one for items, one for gold.

    Item distribution~
    Free for all = default
    Turn = Each kill is given to a player in turn. 1st body given to first party members. 2ed body given to 2ed player memeber.
    Party leader distribution = when someone loots the party leader will get a window to send the item to someone
    Roll = Need, green and pass rolling

    Gold distribution~
    Free for all = default
    evenly distribution = everyone near the body gets an equal cut
    Party leader = gold goes to the party leader
    Roll = Need, green and pass rolling

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