Having issues Loging in

  • hi im new i have been trying sence jan to ge ton and try the game i have it downloaded and everything but when i put in my email and pass it either tells me my pass is wrong or just wont log me in
    pls help

  • I have been playing the test weekend.

    This morning I logged out for a bit.....when I tried to log back in .. was informed that I was already logged into the world and would have to wait to be removed in order to enter.

    How do I get back into the game?

    I have 4 hours in and want to see where this goes next


    Try making a second char and logging with it, sometimes it fixes it.
    If it doesn't work, tell us the ID (it says it in the error message) and an admin will force log out you.

  • @spoletta Hi I cant Log in, after i choose a character then i click play it starts loading then the error message saying Fractured-Unity 2020.3.9f1_108be757e447 comes up and then the game closes. and i tried at least 5 times on one character and once with a new one and same issue.

  • i wish that would fix my problem sighs i dont even think making a new chare would fix my black chare on creation and black chare and thigns in world issue

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