How is the progress on this game goin?

  • I apparently bought a pack back in 2020 and just now remembered I did this from lookin at some emails. Decided to go see what this game was about and the progress it's been on since it was only in alpha back then. From what I can gather it is still somehow in alpha and when looking in the development updates section there was nothing posted since 2019. Just wondering what the progress is like as I'm not sure where to look.


    I last played in some test over a year ago. Coming back to this test feels like things have gone backwards. I am in Australia so I have high ping. Back then it was a bit laggy, as expected, but still quite playable. Now its pretty much unplayable. Abilities just won't work a lot of the time and huge lag spikes (as in several seconds) are common.


    @Wennid even the last test was fine to play.
    I think it is because of some bugs they have for this test, that the performance is temporary bad. But beside this the game is running fine without too much lags.
    This test seems to be supposed to test connectivity. 😉

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