Town Suggestion from the view of a citizen/resident.


    Since i am first time just a citizen of a town, i see how the town hall board is missing informations/features for own citizen/residents.
    I know all the features from a view of a governor and it is quite confusing not to see the progress of a town where you live in.

    For first there should be really a feature to drop gold on the towns purse. If i want to spend money to the town, i need to get an governor to do that. There is no chance to donate directly gold to the town in any other way.

    I don't know as a citizen, which research the town has done.
    I think there should be an overview about which one was chosen by governors.

    The only way to reach the governors of a town is to hope they are close enough for local chat or annoy the global chat to call out governors with informations that is just meant to be town internal.

    These suggestions i already did from a view of a governor, but as a citizen i miss them all the more.

  • Community Manager

    Noted, thank you for your feedback Kralith! ❤

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