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    most of the actions have some kind of hidden delay. If I try to use some skill while I am running, the action starts but it never finishes. It starts doing something but then disables it without any feedback. But the cooldown starts as if the action was successfull. This is obvious when I was trying to catch a deer, which to be honest needs to be redefined: they run without ever getting tired. They are impossible to catch and kill as a melee player.


    There is no concept of "melee player" in this game. You are supposed to adapt your skill set to what you want to do.

    If you go hunting deers, you stock up on slow spells, trapping nets, speed buffs and so on.


    @spoletta I guess there are always some smart ass on the internet. I have a sword and I want to kill a deer. That to me is a melee game play lacking.


    No, I think you didn't understand.
    Some mobs are made to be difficult to approach in certain ways.

    Wisps are immune to weapons.
    Deers keep running.
    Earth elementals are almost immune to arrows.
    And so on.

    This is a game which requires you to adapt. You are not supposed to face everything the same way every time.

    That's why you can freely respec as many times as you want.

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