I support housing throughout the territory not just in urban and some of the designated rural settings. I would like to see spots located in advantageous locations for PKs, hermits, anti-socials, small guilds and PvErs.

    Three tier housing system:

    Urban (in the city)
    Rural (unincorporated)
    Country (sporadic locations outside rural areas in plot clusters of 3's 4's and 5's).

    At the same time, allow the Governor the ability to tax each of these tiers differently (there should be a tax ceiling). If you have some pesky country folks terrorizing your citizens, tax accordingly. Also, allow the Governor of the territory to place "guards" around housing areas that attack reds, KOS players or grays. For example: Guards near a housing area where known pks are housed could provide to be irritating. I believe housing is one of the most sought after aspects of an MMO.

    Note: Guards should not be invincible, just difficult and annoying to kill.

    Theorycrafting rant off/.



    country or 'wild' housing has been mentioned and used in past, not much action.
    The governors dont get to set the house price outside of town, or the upkeep price (1k/week currently). They just get half of the proceeds.

    AI 'guards' have been talked about a lot, said they would be implemented, but not high on priority list.
    Mostly as gate or mining node deterrents.


    the practicality of being able to leech of of towns is too high to instead have some hermitage.
    Also many towns have house spots that are far from the town, like in this picture:

    each of those brown squares are potential houses, all connected to the city, but all a good distance from it.
    Want to be part of a comune out in the mountains? try this location:
    or here:



    I have seen those. I think my aforementioned ideas are good changes. Like auto-run, I hope theorycrafting on the forums successfully changes their mind or gives them ideas to make Fractured a better game.


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