• The new player quests shouldnt ask to craft rope/ shirt/ bandage/ etc, when you already made these things. A small detail but it always annoys when the game asks to do something you already did, would be easier if it just checks if you did it and proceeds to the next thing.

    Too much space is wasted for "quest only" crops. Seems silly that you can gather only 20 or 30 pieces and then the whole fields are not available anymore, ever. They are right here!! But cant touch it 😒.

    "Combat mode/peace mode" is a useless feature and the timer for opening meditation tab is a waste of time.

    Traveling with horse should be faster than it is now.


    The space for quest crops is not wasted. You can’t touch those crops after the beginner quests to prevent people from exploiting the resources later in the game. The space that is given allows for plenty of recourses when there are large numbers of players trying to do the beginner quests at the same time.

    If by "Combat mode/peace mode" you mean the function of the space bar you are very wrong. It is absolutely required as it prevents accidental clicking on resources when you are in combat. Without it you end up trying to gather any resource that is too close to the critter you are fighting instead of delivering the intended blow to said target. This is a long requested function and something we are very grateful to have.


    Yes, it was one of the most requested features.

    It needs some visual indication though.

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