Mana regeneration issues


    This was an hot topic during the test.
    Now, I'll open this by saying that there is no issue with mana regeneration. Especially after playing for a bit, you will stop having mana problems, but that's for 2 reasons:

    • You get a bit mana of regeneration bonuses here and there
    • You learn how to fight effectively

    Now, the second point is the most important one. This game is very player based, including during "grinding". Knowledge is everything, and I'm not talking about knowledge points. If you know how a goblin cutthroath fights, it is very easy to kill him. If you don't know him, you will be out of mana and knocked down before even realizing what happened. Once a player (not the character) has knowledge, the game becomes easier.

    New players lack this knowledge. They don't know what they are fighting, and how to fight efficently.
    I rolled a mage to see what was the situation in this test, and could grind goblins non stop without ever going out of mana. Yet new players around me used all their mana for a single goblin.

    This is normal and I'll even say that it is good.
    The problem is in the fact that it is a big obstacle for new players.
    So how to solve this? I'd say, by applying more of the first point.

    Currently you start the game in either animal leather, or linen cloth equipment. These materials provide respectively fire resistance and shock resistance, which I don't think that players even notice.
    My easy solution to this problem would be to change the material properties of both these materials to +3 mana regeneration, for a total of +9 mana regen for medium armors (the wolf helm does not have this) and +12 for common clothes. This would provide a boost to the mana of those straight out of the tutorial, letting them go a little bit more trigger happy on those pesky bandits.
    More importantly, this has no effects past the first 3 days of playing, since those materials are quickly replaced with better ones. We change nothing of the game as we currently know it.

    In addition, we could add one more primitive item. Spider Eye amulet. Made with 3 spider eyes (which are found in the tutorial) and adds 5 mana regeneration.

    Edit: Oh and goblin enforcers are pure evil for starting players! It could be better to give them warcry instead of Second Wind!

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