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     I am suggesting you guys add a notification of some kind whenever anything happens because of luck. It is always pleasing to see when something like that happens especially since I will be a lucky guy. While I thought of that I also thought about everyone else, and I think it would be a good idea to add a notification whenever anyone pass a save throw. That idea is practical as well as gratifying as in if I have an ability that will stun a target for 6 seconds unless they pass a save throw in which then they will be stunned for only 2 seconds, I will then have an indicator letting me know that my skill will have reduced effect. examples: tiny horseshoe or four-leaf clover and a sound for a luck success, two tiny feet for agility save throw success or what every. Loving the game and appreciating all the hard work. This simple idea if implemented would trigger so much dopamine, which means... well, you know... (Shout out to my idea for the cash shop post I made)

  • @Cellticlink I like this idea a lot! Its helpful and satisfying. I'm not sure why your post came up in such an odd way. It requires people to continuously scroll to the side to read....


    That would be very tedious as luck effects every random event, every roll, in the game...
    The equation of what luck does is in the wiki, but i'll paste it here:



    Yea, the grey text sucks, but the equation is there.
    As described luck effects everything... so having a notification pinging every time you did anything would get old fast.


    This post is deleted!


    @xGRAVExDANCERx Yeah, thanks man, I do not know why it posted weird and is doing weird stuff. I do not use Forums often and this is the only thing I post on, so I am new.


    @OlivePit 1st Mr. Ambassador... I did not ask if it would be tedious. Get off your high horse. It would not get old. Not any older than damage number or seeing crit indicators.


    It would get very old very very quickly. And really provide no added benefit. I mean, so what if luck played a part in something? How does that help the player?

    Still...as long as its a togglable feature then fine. I don't see enough people wanting to be worth the dev time. Significantly more important things that need work.

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    @DarthJafo I agree with this and @OlivePit in this, ,@Cellticlink

    having luck notifications after every action would grow to make the game so tedious most would give up on it. It is not like damage, your example, because damage notifications just come up in combat. Crafting notifications just come up while crafting, knowledgepoint gains just come up when new knowledge points are gained, but Luck affects literally EVERYTHING in the game and thus it would be non-stop luck notifications flooding your screen.

    Luck works best when it is innocuous anyway. You never quite know if luck pushed you over, or something else. Let luck fade into the background and be as enigmatic as the concept implies.


    alt text


    Can you guys use your heads? Celltic obviously didn't intend to ask for a notification for every event that factors in Luck (i.e. every event). He asked for a notification in the event that a specific, rare result occurred only because of Luck.

    Obviously, he isn't aware of how Luck works in this game, but nonetheless here's my solution:

    • There are two luck special effects: the good luck one and the bad luck one. These are audiovisual effects that last less than a second. They are silent on all other clients except for yours.
    • The good luck special effect is a rainbow shining over your head and harps playing.
    • The bad luck special effect is a frowning voodoo doll and a descending droning sound.
    • Only certain actions will play the good luck or bad luck effect, and it only occurs when you get a dice roll that would've been unlikely or impossible if you had 0 Luck. Thus, even with 0 Luck, you can still get the effect, but it is more likely if your Luck is further away from 0.

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