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    P.S: The first part is just my sob story, the question is at the end 😛 )

    This question is regarding a subject that may be a little delicate, so I want to say first that I loved the idea of Fractured as soon as I saw it (did it start advertising in 2016? or 2017? I thought it was 16, but I could be wrong)
    The three planets, all the different races, there was talk of animal migrations, and seasons; animals reacting to you based on how you had acted towards them in the past, stuff like that, which I have always liked in games (whether its actually in the game or not, I can still imagine it is)
    At the time I couldn't really convince myself that, having just left school, not having a job or even a credit card, I would be justified in spending that much money on a game that frankly, might never get made.
    So, after scrolling longingly through the lists of bonuses that backers were given, trying to reason with the voice in my head saying "you COULD buy it, you've probably got that much saved, who needs money anyway?" I decided to put Fractured aside until I had a steady income or the game was closer to release.
    (I thought I made an account on the forum/foundation, but apparently I didn't at the time)

    So, to the question: I was wondering if there might be people that bought kickstarter packs and have now come to the conclusion that, for whatever reason, that they are unlikely ever to actually use their accounts once the game is released.
    Now, I understand that anyone in that situation is unlikely to be using the forum and so will not read this, and I'm not sure I could afford it even now, but my question is: (please don't hit me 😨) Would it be possible, and if so, would anyone who bought a governor or higher kickstarter pack be interested in selling their account, or maybe their 'rewards' could be transferred?

    I do understand that the purpose of the kickstarter rewards were as a thank you to the people that gave large sums of money to fund the games creation in its infancy, and I am thankful to those people, and I would definitely not want to take an acclaim away from them, the aspects such as the statues and and the commemorative things would remain tied to the person who purchased the kickstarter pack and rightly so.

    I also understand that there were, I think, only 30 people who purchased Governor packs or higher, and having spent that much money they are likely determined to 'get their money's worth', or at least play it when they can and keep their account to remember the 'old days' of the game.

    There is also, of course, the fact that the game, being an MMORPG, will shift and change so that a player starting as a ruler of some kind would eventually be 'dethroned' (would they?) and new players will rise to take their place, and so on.

    However, all these things being taken into consideration, there may yet be someone, maybe, that might (for some unfathomable reason) be wishing they hadn't spent the money, or perhaps, someone who realises that they will be never have the leisure to play the game and so want at least someone to get some use out of what they paid for. Is it possible for these player accounts that would otherwise be an empty throne someone until someone can claim it, to be transferred to a player that will use them? Assuming any player is actually willing to pay for something they will only get starter effects from, which I'm not saying I would, I'm just wishing I had become a millionaire over night just as I found Fractured 😢

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    This would more than likely not be allowed by ToS.

    All accounts are generally considered non-transferable in such games to prevent someone from power leveling a character, then selling that character off as a method of making money off of the game. Granted, there is no leveling per se in Fractured, however, such an account could unlock all the Knowledge Points and gather up a bunch of in-game resources and gold and then be 'sold' which would be a 'Pay to Win' method.

    Basically, this means that all accounts are generally non-transferable, period in such games, and that is considered an internet MMO standard, so I seriously doubt Fractured will be the exception to that rule.


    @GamerSeuss Very true

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