Another hello!

  • Well, I know, I'm just another Hello in the thousands of thousands of Hello's, but ... it's a start. 🙂

    I started my "MMO-career" with MUD's (text based multi-player dungeons) a long time ago and played a lot of MMO's. But there was none like Ultima Online. Not since yet. Maybe Fractured can fill this hole "a bit" - I would really appreciate to find a new "MMO-home" in Fractured.

    I'm looking forward to the next Alpha- and Beta-Tests, as I usually test very intensive and try to provide the Devs with as much feedback as possible. I usually do things that feel "wrong" again and again during Test-Sessions, just to be sure that an error is really an error.

    My languages are German and English.

    If you (a player) are in need of someone to test some things together, than please contact me - I'm here in this forum and on Discord. Just leave me a message and I'll answer.


    MUD... now that's a term I had almost forgotten.

    Good old Lands of Darkness.

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