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  • Hi if you die in fractured do you lost your equipment ? thank you


    Depends on your alignment.

    Blue players leave 2 pieces of equipment on the body, neutral 4, red all of them.

  • There is not map where you can pvp without lost your equipment ?

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    @Leponex Your equipment stays with your body when you die. Depending on your Alignment, a PvPer who killed you can loot some or all of your equipment from the body, but you do have to retrieve what's left from your corpse to get it back.

    You can also set your body so it is lootable by your party members so if they have the storage, they can retrieve some or all of your items not lost to PvP or degraded. Remember, all items also have a durability score, and this cannot be repaired. Durability equals 0 and the item disappears.

  • Ty this game looks good but hard however.

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    @Leponex I wouldn't call it hard. Loss of equipment on death is pretty much an industry standard, afterall. Looting is by alignment, with only Evil worrying about full looting. It is also a 100% player driven economy, so no worries about getting groups together for major raids to get the best equipment. Even a moderate group can take on the Legends that hold the rarest of reagents, so everyone is pretty much on an even standing.


    Concern for loosing equipment will incentivize people to travel, hunt, and harvest in groups or use cheep equipment when not in groups.
    Harvesting and crafting equipment is not meant to be a huge barrier and unless you regularly go to pvp hot spots or seek out pvp you should be able to keep yourself well equipped.
    Personally I rotated outdated equipment for newer, better, equipment more regularly than I had need to replace lost equipment.

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