Best way to rack up KP?

  • What would be the best way to rack up KP as a complete newb?
    I have made two chars and can barely kill anything.

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    @Radamand My suggestion would be, if you started a new character, make sure to get 100% on the Tutorial Mobs before transferring to the mainland. They are relatively painless to fight, and it gives you a good base of KP to start with. After going to the mainland, you should probably choose Myr, as Aehen is considered tougher.

    Start by fighting off wolves close to town, trying to kite them in 1s and 2s, until you max them out at 100%, while gathering every new resource you can and just dumping said resources into your bank in the starter town. This should allow you to get a nice set of KP and then you can look at what talents you want. Remember, you do not have to pay to unlock every ability offered to you. Make sure it is an ability you want for your archetype first. The starting skills are mostly okay. As an Arcanist, I do recommend Magic Missile, however, as a great spell.

  • I figured out a great and easy way to rack up some initial KP, STAY on newb island!
    Harvest flax and branches and wolf pelts and make hide armors and bows (or whatever weapon u prefer), then stay at the bandit camps until you are 100% on each bandit type. youll get good KP and some abilities/talents!

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