Consumable slots

  • We really need at least two slots for consumables so we don't use the skill slots.

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    @yianni They purposely have the slots set up so we have to choose between skills and consumables


    Yep, and in fact many are asking to prevent using consumables from the inventory.

  • I honestly don't see the point. By having consumable slots no one is having an advantage everyone gets to use them

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    it is not about advantages/disadvantages between players, it is about making you as a player strategize your resources. Do you put a consumable in that slot or a skill. Do you prep 4 skills and 4 consumables for this raid, or go all out with 8 skills, and try to backpack your consumables...

    Don't always look at everything as a PvP concept. much of the game is designed as PvE, PvP is part of it, for some, but not universal, PvE is a universal consideration.

  • @GamerSeuss I think when people gain 100% knowledge on things PVE wont be a thing except for the legends.

    either way still think its a QoL having those. And using skill hotbars for SKILLS

  • I'm agreeing with Seuss and Speletta on this one.

    I like the fact that you have to strategize more. Too much convenience and it ends up taking away from the game.

    There are plenty enough hotbar slots in my opinion to facilitate this.

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    @yianni You, like many PvP players, are under the misconception that the majority of gamers are PvPers. PvPers are actually statistically in the minority of gaming people, they just happen to be more vocal.

    A PvEer doesn't like where a game is going, they quit and go to another game. a PvPer lobbies for their PvP elements, and they compete in active tournaments, and worry about leaderboards so they are right out front in the spotlight. That's all.

    There is a huge portion of the Playtesters even that NEVER intend to do PvP at all. This game is being marketed so that it will have something for the PvEers for its entire lifecycle, not just to start out PvE, and then migrate to a PvP slugfest. You would be surprised how much the PvEers will continue to do well past 100% KP accumulation. As long as they keep giving us neat things to explore in expansions, give us Raid-type events like the planned Asteroid system, and occasionally add in a new Mob type, even without much KP accumulation, we'll be happy.

  • @GamerSeuss said in Consumable slots:

    @yianni They purposely have the slots set up so we have to choose between skills and consumables

    I think this is a good solution, i dont need slots for consumables


    One good suggestion I read today is to make them into skills. "Use bandage" and "Use remedy". This way they go into the bar.

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