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  • I'm calling for a stricter ruleset for political discussions on discord, especially regarding the war in the Ukraine. I think that, as long as the game developers refuse to take clear position in the conflict...

    1. the topic should be not discussed in a gaming community
    2. all statements regarding this topic should be strictly punished - also statements being passive-aggressive like "there is no right or wrong side in this war"
    3. statements praising Putin, nuking countries or the war should result in perma bans from discord as well as statements about like white supremacy should

    The world right now sees cruelty and aggression and pics of dead children... I really don't think that these things should be topic in a game, if the game developers refuse to take a clear position against mass murdering people.

    And yes, I like to troll in discord and sometimes someone may call me toxic.. but here we are talking about real people suffering and dying and not about some hurt epeen or some kind of flame war about how fat some mothers are.


    These topics should not be brought on a game channel. Period.
    This is not the place to discuss them and gaming has no relation with world politics.

  • @spoletta said in Political Discussions on Discord:

    These topics should not be brought on a game channel. Period.
    This is not the place to discuss them and gaming has no relation with world politics.

    Thats basically what I said, but it has also be true for relativistic statements like "there is no right or wrong". The whole topic has no place, neither as direct statement nor as passive aggressive relativistic opinion... And If this rules are broken, there needs to be the same punishment as for example spreading national socialist mindset.


    I agree. I don't care about the statement, the position or lack of it. That's not the place and nothing good can come of opening that topic there. End of discussion.


    I agree with all points you mention. Political Discussions have no place in an official gaming forum/chat.

    But this one I consider also as not approbiate:
    @THH said in Political Discussions on Discord:

    about how fat some mothers are

    It is mean to call mothers fat.
    Getting a baby left sometimes more kilos on a woman, no mother should get called fat, because it is respectless against woman and mothers.

    I know you just want to make a joke, but "Your Mother" jokes aren't nice at all.
    You want to annoy a boy, but you insult a woman who gives the most precious thing in the world, namely life.


    I just want to say that now the discord is being monitored not by the Fractured developers, but by their well-known sponsors Gamigo group and the claims already need to be addressed to them, since thanks to their board a lot has changed

  • Community Manager

    Hey there!
    The political talks have been addressed with the moderator team and the general feeling is that we do not want political topics to disrupt the general conversation about Fractured Online and its related topics.

    Thank you very much for your feedback!

  • @Kralith

    My mother is fat and I don' feel insulted by it. She don't want to lose weight anyway, and I don't even like her

    so speak for yourself


    @Contucky I don't speak for you.
    And i can't speak for myself in this case, I never became a mother and my own mother isn't fat. I just speak for the mothers who feel insulted if they get insulted.

  • @Kralith What about the people who are insulted by other people feeling insulted at witnessing an insult?

  • Content Creator

    @Ablabla Now we're getting rediculous. Let's just try to keep the insults at bay, shall we?

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