Harbor cost from global wallet

  • Im sure this has been suggested but I just forgot to bring gold for the fifth time and I would like this feature.

  • Nah, too safe.

    Im not really a PKer right now but it's actually more thrilling to run with loot and gold to use harbor, when I get attacked a little more adrenaline is always fun 😄


    I would love this for any kind of money needs. That said, after coming through a harbor you have 30 seconds invulnerabilty. Just alt-f4 before that wears off and come back in later.

    Happened to me this morning.

  • Is it confirmed? A colleague on discord said he was ambushed like that and killed?

    Perhaps he got off the horse or used a bandage or something


    all i can say is that i alt-f4ed out before he got to me. I went back on a stronger character and he was gone. My wagon was still there so i picked it up and left. Went back on original character and went to town easily.

    I havent tested myself if you move that the protection is gone, but seems likely

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