On Bug Reporting & Exploiting During Beta

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi everyone,

    a few days ago, we had to deliver a permanent ban to multiple accounts, all belonging to the same guild, who were using a hack to bypass memory limits (for spell presets) and talent point limits (for talent presets). The hack allowed these players to memorize more spells than due and, way worse, to completely fill their talent trees (having 200+ talents instead of 60). They then used this to gain an unfair advantage, particularly in PvP.

    The hack was possible due to a bad oversight on our part - a lack of server validation for those functionalities. A fix for the issue, together with many other bug fixes, is coming in a big patch next week.

    I'm telling this story because I want to communicate an important message. This is a beta. Part of its purpose is to receive your feedback and develop the game together. Another is to find bugs and vulnerabilities and have them fixed before release.

    Everyone in the community is therefore encouraged to find bugs, exploits and even hacks, but these are all to be reported immediately and in no way exploited. Failure to do so will lead to a ban that could range from days to permanent, according to the seriousness of the exploit. Like all MMOs, we have player action logging systems. Abuse of an exploit will always get caught eventually.

    On the matter of bug reporting, rest assured we monitor the forums, discord and other systems daily. The fact fixes aren't coming the day after a bug is posted doesn't mean we haven't added it to our backlog. We can't make a patch every day, and we have new content to develop together with bugs to fix.

    Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy Fractured Online!


  • I greatly appreciate you being transparent about this, I think it gives us players a lot more confidence in the future.

    Is there a more discreet way to share exploits rather than just posting them on the forums?

  • Can I just say a huge thank you and show of appreciation for the ban being permanent.

    Things like this should always be the heaviest punishment possible, and your team stepping up to take appropriate action, gives people like myself a huge boost in confidence in your ability. Hackers and cheaters should never be tolerated.

    Excellent work. As always, any suspicion of cheats like this, will always be reported ASAP.


    I have a feeling I know who these individuals were. Good riddance.


    Thank you for your words to the community, such kind of feedback was long overdue.
    If people followed the "opinions" of some player in Discord, they may have noticed that these "opinions" was often straight against any community sense and fair playing. The statement now makes it clear, the Devs of our beloved future game don't want people who just think on their own "profit" and having advantage by all means (aka Bug Abusing) without giving something in exchange (aka Bug Reporting).


    @Ablabla exploits should never get reported on the forum. If they are high priority DM them directly to a CM. If there isn't one online, DM to a GM or Mod. If they are not high priority, use the bug form on discord.

  • Thank you for great communication, and thank you for a great and fun beta really enjoying it so far!

    Also I freaking knew it, get rekt nerds. ❤


    Even this is beta, all hackin attempts should be banned.


    imagen, cheating in a beta of a not even half-finished product to get an edge in a temporary session... As much as you want to dislike these people you must also pity their existence. That was their joy, their high life their one win in this would... to cheat in this beta and still not be important. geez

    That is why I say' I can do bad by myself.


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