Accessing house and use the benches do not work for friends?

  • We tried it that way:

    I've assigned someone from my guild to be the "Co-Owner" of my house. And with this, he can access everything in my house - and that works so far without any problems.

    Then I assigned some other guild-mate as a "friend" to my house. And I assigned some work-benches to be useable for "friends" too. Now the "friend" can access it, but he can't do anything with it (f.e. the "Imbuing Table") - Putting some item in the midst of the pentagram just puts the item back into the "friends" inventory. No chance to get it back to work...

    A second thing is, that as a "Co-Owner", someone CANNOT put gold into the house' Gold-Deposit for the upkeep. Only the "Owner" can.

    I think both of this topics are worth to get fixed somewhen 🙂


    Second this. Permissions need work!


    Wagons need to have the friends and co-owners options when created. I shouldnt have to manually add either to every wagon i create. Most of the time i create a wagon at the node im going to gather

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