June 7 Patch

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    Hello adventurers!

    The June 7 Patch is now live with a plethora of updates, quality of life, balance and fixes!

    You can find the full change log at the link below:

    June 7 Patch Notes

    If you have any thoughts and feedback, be sure to leave a comment in this thread!

  • Please please please fix the wagon bug that occured after the June 7 patch went live.

    When trying to unload a wagon of stone or wood or anything you can only open the wagon once. Attempting to re-access the wagon is impossible. The only way to fix is to hop on your horse, hook up to the wagon then dismount and try to access again. Unloading carts to fill or build anything was hard enough, now it's just unbearable. Doable...but unbearable. I hope this is addressed.


    An hotfix has been announced already for this issue.

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