We are a group of Chinese players. We need the Chinese version

  • Dear, there will be thousands of Chinese players playing this game on the 15th. Can you provide Chinese translation for us to play this game better

  • Since most Chinese players can't log on to the forum well, I hope I can put forward this suggestion on behalf of Chinese players and give us a Chinese translation. Thousands of Chinese players will enter the game on the 15th

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    @jiubajian11 Additional language packs are slated to be coming in the Fall. Unsure exactly when, but it takes resources as well as demand to install an official language pack.

    I am unsure what languages are coming, just know that they said additional language support would be in Autumn according to the Roadmap.

  • @GamerSeuss 我们中国玩家需要中文

  • @GamerSeuss I hope you can provide Chinese translation as soon as possible, so that more Chinese players can enter the game and play for a long time! I am the president of the Chinese Players Guild. Our Guild has 400 players. There are many guilds in China

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    1. Someone has to do all the translations
    2. Those translations have to be integrated into the game's code for utilization.

    This means that although other languages are coming, it is by no means an instant fix, and they have to weigh the integration in to the overall development plans.

    We do know that language packs are planned for the game, and are added as they become possible based on factors including demand, but we can't say what those factors entail right now. The Developers are doing what they can do, but as they are already working hard on the Early Access that drops tomorrow, other things are by necessity delayed.


    I'm already scared.
    For every 100 Chinese there will be 1 European, then what will the game be like?
    The Chinese should not be allowed on the server with the Europeans, make them a separate server...

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    not really into racism of any kind here. Please remember that.

    The game has only 1 server right now, and expects possibly 2 at launch, neither of which is currently scheduled to be SEA. Initially its NA and EU, either of which should be equally as appealing to SEA players overall.

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