Iron Dynasty [Merchant Guild]


    The Iron Dynasty is a merchant guild that focuses mainly on crafting, when you apply you will be asked your preference, Fighting or Crafting [or some other skills that may be implemented into the game in the future].

    We of course are a Merchant guild so we deal with selling our items the majority of the time, the rest of the time would be spent crafting, gathering items and fighting. The ranks of this guild can be found below, to rank up your sales rank you must make a certain amount of sales in a certain amount of time. As for the crafting and fighting ranks they will both heavily depend on the quantity and quality of the items you will bring back and those that you craft.


    If you are interested in becoming a member of Iron Dynasty or are interested, then go ahead and let me know, and if you have any suggestions or questions, don't be afraid to post them, I have plenty of time.

    The rules of the guild are as following,

    #1) A Merchant's word is their bond. If a Merchant makes a deal, the Merchant should honor it. By setting this rule and sticking to it, it means that our customers can trust us, and are not afraid to give us the money or the item first. If word gets to the Guildmaster that a Merchant has not kept his word the Merchant can get subjected to a fine or more severe punishments.

    #2) Merchant Guild secrets will be kept in the guild. If the Guildmaster finds out that secrets have been given out they have the right to fine or disband a Merchant.

    #3) Ranks are not to be used against members in such was that makes the member you're speaking to seem inferior, e.x. "I'm an Elite Warrior so you have to listen to me"
    We are all equal.

    #4) You must be active, on every 1-2 days and if you know that you will be away or unable to play, let us know that you will be off and a set or estimated date of return. inactivity with no leave of absence is punishable.

    #5) Do not ask for rank ups and items not made by you do not count as rank up items.

    #6) swearing is allowed, but not directed at other people and not excessively.

    Everything stated here is not set and will most likely change due to future updates and the fact the game isn't even in alpha.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @antero Hello, what I just read is really very interesting and I agree with both the rules and the style of play you want to adopt, so you can count on me (if I can "book" myself)


    I would be happy to reserve a spot for you on the guild, but when it comes down to it. Everything is subject to change and there may be guild entry restrictions in the future. I look foward to being you guild master

    Cheers, Iron Antero

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Your advertising

    You're willing to allow anybody who submits to your rules entry to your ranks, and have provided no incentive; gold, fame, glory, status or otherwise for joining. This will seldom attract any but those unable to fend for themselves. Not only is this a lack of allure for the strong, but actively dissuades them from joining as they will inevitably be held as caretakers of the peasantry I'm sure you will fail to exploit. This creates a weak guild.

    Guild rank, entry into the political class

    Increase in status, or access to political power being systematically and exclusively linked to actions that require neither loyalty, excessive skill, or the ability to command men means two things:

    • A meritless democracy in which exclusively eloquent speakers, and those who originated in positions of power have any control. This creates a weak guild.

    • Spies will have free reign within your political class. This creates a weak guild.

    The only reason for an organization with such a structure to exist is to feed the creator's desire for authority. A leader who desires naught but authority within will inspire naught but mockery externally, and cause his subjects to be the weakest of targets. This creates a weak guild.

    Without having ever seen you in action, I know that you are amongst the weakest of the lambs. I decree to you, as rightful Monarch by conquest of all worlds: submit to me by bending the knee, pay tribute unto me in any quantity I see fit, and field me soldiers from your clan whenever called upon. Do this, or both you and your kin will be crush under the weight of Loliconquest's might.

    You may come before us as a friend and subject, or be driven before us as a dog.

    Emperor Holya


    I see your point, but with no insight on anything about this game and no typical leveling system creating a strong guild seems impossible and you clearly have more experience when it comes to running a guild. I hope we can become good allies or rivals, and I would like to see how you intend to create a "Strong" guild.

    Cheers, Iron Antero

    P.S. I won't bowing down to you any time soon.


    Just had an idea, what if there are different costs to become a Fighter or a Gatherer or a Merchant? A Fighter would cost the most since we only want strong Warriors. Then a Crafter, because we want high level Crafters and then would be Merchant, this one isn't so much the price that limits entry, but I could perhaps get them on discord and get them tk try to sell me an item, and If I am convinced, then they're in, but gatherer is a vital role as well so Iit would be open freely, and all Elite members can swap over to any other rank path with no cost, and would skip apprentice ranks. Feel free to suggest anything, I'm open to ideas.

    Cheers, Iron Antero

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    How ironic, an aspiring merchant leader who doesn't yet grasp nothing is free. I will explain to you basic economics, simply so your homes will have something of value to pillage before they're put to the torch.

    What is it you could provide to a member of your guild, in exchange for whatever they would be required to provide for the leaders, or the collective?

    1. Reputation

    As you've detailed, reputation is important for a merchant. Legitimacy lent by association is valuable to any peddler, honest or otherwise. The issue, you're unable to provide reputation. You have no reputation, and your governing system would yield a negative reputation at best.

    You allow anybody into your ranks, and while those who commit petty crimes may be quickly removed due to their obviousness, an easy route to trusting victims through guild-rank will attract criminals with grander ambition. Even if it is the case no opportunist tries to exploit your unformed reputation, having this be the primary service you provide your underlings leaves you vulnerable to sabotage. You refuse to bend the knee, and thus you cannot lean solely on reputation, as you are too vulnerable to betrayal.

    1. Protection

    Protection, either that of an individual and their goods, or regional is not achievable by you. For the protection you provide to be worth whatever tax you levy on its used, it must first be effective. Secondly, it must be cheaper than the alternatives, and or the only protection available. You will not be the only guild offering protection.

    You will not be able to provide the cheapest protection. You've defied Loliconquest. No army in any world could hope to defeat us, and yet you expect to be able to defend against us, both internally and externally for a reasonable expense? Laughable.

    1. Payment for Warriors

    Though other insolent fools may too defy us, even without factoring in attacker advantage, there are no warriors who could hope to stand before Loliconquest. Even for high reward, nobody but the stupid will volunteer for their death. You will not be able to secure warriors at all for protection, let alone enough of quality for them to actually be of use.

    1. Payment for Gatherers

    The only long term reasons a gatherer would trade exclusively with you, and not the free market is: protection, security of income, or fear of punishment. As we've detailed, you cannot provide protection. If you cannot provide protection, you by the same token, cannot threaten punishment by force. Nor can you hope to defame those who do not bend to your will, as you do not have reputation.

    This leaves security of income. I'm yet to learn the precise value of goods in this world, but as with any world, I'm sure it holds true fixed prices hurt the governing body more than it helps, other than ensuring loyalty. Your first option is to offer fair prices, leaving yourself vulnerable to exploitation when the market is low. Alternatively, you offer unfair prices, leading to both disloyalty, and incentive for your peasants to sell to others, if not outright act as agents for foreign entities in exchange for what, to a peasant, seems like a fortune.

    There is nothing you could provide your potential subjects. A merchant who refuses to bend the knee, and render unto Holya what is his cannot be profitable. Either he will be put to the sword, or tribute in far greater quantity will be taken by force.

    To all those who would consider joining these rebel scum: Know that all who have opposed the Loliconquest Empire have either lie dead and rotting on the field, or crucified on the road. Your punishment shall be brutal and long-lasting, as to set an example for others what happens to rebels.


    You have made many flaws in my leadership clear, but I refuse to subject myself to you. If you were interested in providing some sort of helpful advice (That isn't to give up now) then I would be happy to hear it, but I would rather you didn't destroy my guild before it was up and running.

    Cheers, Iron Antero


    If all you intend to do is critisize my lack of experiance than I would rather you refrain from talking about that in my fourm post.

    Cheers, Iron Antero


    We still need members, and don't be shy to ask any questions, no matter how dumb they may seem.


    Sounds very interesting, I love the ranking system. I'll have to keep an eye on this.

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @holya lol you are freaking priceless πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he actually said Bend the knee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    Now that we can actually join guilds, I'd appreciate if people joint.


    I do hope we have more than one merchant guild, or at least some smaller merchants who are willing to do business with criminals. Though it will be nice to see a guild list for players who may have more riches than others.

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    I'm pretty interested to ^^ I'll see later what I do πŸ™‚


    @antero Welcome back Antero πŸ™‚ HavenΒ΄t seen you arround in a long time. Good luck πŸ˜‰


    This post is deleted!

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