Level Caps and Planetary Purchases.


    Personally, In an MMO I prefer more small towns and paths and wilderness, than 20 big cities that are 500 meters to each other. And If it is possible that players could purchase buildings INSIDE the town instead of in some separate dimension, and perhaps even make these shops, or even guild bases. Or perhaps even allow the purchase of smaller planets, I would much rather have almost infinitely random generating planets than a set number,. I am a big fan of Log Horizon and therefore would like the main class and sub class aspect to be implemented into the game, as well as potentially a million different materials, instead of just real metals, some fake ones wouldn't be to bad, such as adamantite and umm...... Anyways! I think an ingame editor could be really cool but I'm not sure how this would impact the servers, and by editor I meant for moving Items around a home or shop, and guild vaults could be really cool, so you can store your items at your guild and everyone can access them, this would majorly help out my potential merchant guild Iron Dynasty, when hunters and gatherers come back for the day they can deposit their items and I would also like the level cap to be lvl 200 because if there is no cap people will get way to op, and if it is 100 then the game gets boring.


    Also, will there be a crafting to loot gap, so that you can aquire loot that is higher than that craftable. So that not everyone sticks to crafting 24/7, and what kind of classes and sub races will there be?

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    There are no levels in this game. Players progress through something called the knowledge system.

    There are no classes. Players can obtain every ability and spell through said knowledge system.

    Every item is crafted by players.

    The website has your answers: https://fracturedmmo.com/


    Honestly, I did read every word on that website but I didn't really take it into context. But as for races, will there be sub races like elves and wolf men and half demons?

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    they released this post on races a few days ago: https://fracturedmmo.com/feature-spotlight-1-three-races-three-gameplays/

    Wolfmen are in, but it doesn't mention elves.

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