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    A new world is approaching from the darkest, a game with potential for all adversary players of the arena and the mmorpg.
    We will be able to appreciate a game that combines action combat with totally interactive environments in which we will have to share resources, and the possibility of touching aspects such as craftsmanship, commerce and even legendary adventures both by solitary, as with our friends or our own guild.
    Going back to its beginnings, this game has 7 developers who have been working hard for 7 months, backed by Dynamight Studios.
    Fractured, as the great immensity of new generation MMOs, through the graphic engine Unit and development with SpaltialOS server technology, thus achieves a great and decisive feature - a world without the need for load screens! Decisive factor that directs the balance towards his favor, because as a player and in the name of many others, we recognize that the tedious screens sometimes turn to the most annoying.
    Based on all this, one of the games that has more ballots for my confidence for betting on him. Why do I say this?
    Dynamight Studios, responsible for this project will be funded through Kickstarter from June 1 offering rewards to those who support it, targeting € 250,000 to add to the 100,000 that have already achieved through private funds .
    Currently there are no release dates but there is a before Alpha before 2019, where the only real way to get with the activity through the website of the game and be active in the forum where you can browse accumulated points and win a Free Pre-Alpha key to reach a certain level, this does not mean that there is no possibility to attend the Pre-Alpha for your Kickstarter campaign to reach a level of the given tribe.

    Having said that we focus on one of the main features that the whole game has, the races, where we can find the following.

    Someone differentiates them from the three races to be decisive decisive, each race lives in a totally different system and you will start from a different planet in the own "Elisio System" which has its time in space.

    Humans will appear on the planet "Sindesia" where the primary source will be the wood and stone with which to build their buildings among other materials that will help them with their weapons and weapons, they will also have a great advantage, the technology something that the others the two races do not have the possibility of experiencing, in addition, a difference of what can be done with human beings, with the possibility of undertaking a path that can take any kind of role, from being a sorcerer to a warrior or a tamer of beasts, thanks to their free will to forge their destiny.
    The race of the "Beastmen" or beastmen, will appear on the planet "Arboreus", a place dominated by nature where they themselves took advantage of the primordial energy of the planet itself in the form of magical crystals.
    Unlike humans, "Beastmen" have four types to choose from for your character.
    The "Chadra" is a kind of tiger man bigger than the human being himself, with a great speed of movement and pressure, becoming a great danger before the fights of melee.
    The "Udoadra" in reference to a werewolf, smaller in size than the human being enjoys great resistance, and with the ability to tame animals, which would be a great privilege of the community for its peculiar tamer skills.
    The "Nheedra" a bear man of great dimensions endowed with the greatest strength and resistance, with a possibility of being exceptional druids and suitable to be tanks for their hardness and regeneration.

    The "Erwydra" or rather deer man will have great intelligence in this way the world of magic becoming in this way magicians and sorcerers.
    As for the demon race, they reside on the planet "Tartaros", the smallest planet of all those existing in the Elisium System, this is composed mostly of stone, which they will use for their buildings. In addition, they will also have a large amount of iron used to prepare for future wars.
    They give us the possibility to choose between 3 types of demons
    The "blood demons" are the ones that, in principle, are the vampires destined to use sorcery and mental abilities before their enemies, even more, if they use their ability to improve even more,
    The "demons of the shadow" or nightmares are demons that use evasion and illusion to subdue their enemies, who take advantage of the night to obtain benefits and have their prey at bay, this is what would become a single murderer.
    The "demons of hell" or hellish endowed with an inhuman force and the most fearsome of the worlds, their main affinity with fire gave him great resistance to this element and during the battle against the strongest battle even being this the main principal at the time of combat, classifying it as a kind of "fighter."
    The points of the table will be available for statistics that are limited to a maximum of 18 points each, with a maximum of 100 or 120 in the case of man, which can go through this table is; giving an example, that a man could have 18 dexterity and force another 18, instead a "Shadow" could raise the limit of assigned points that are 18, on the one hand, the force to 19 and the dexterity to 20 points, which would result in a "Shadow" more powerful than the human in these two attributes, which will happen on the contrary with the constitution with -2 points of the "Shadow" being this in 16 and the human in 18.
    Recalling each of the races, record that we were assigned a planet according to it, but that does not mean that it prevents us from moving to other planets, over time you have the possibility to move to other planets and enter the world of the other races, so I have to carry everything I have to do, clothes and a wide range of items.
    In case you die in the attempt, all these items will fall with your body, which can also steal other players who are on the way and find things that have to do with the backpack, or return to the place where you died before this happens , luckily or not, this is still debated among the developers of Fractured, the only recommendation that exists if you leave the game for days is sure to leave your character in safe places spread across the planets.
    One of the clear things about the fracture is the existence of levels to strengthen the characteristics, in short, when a character with these attributes is created, this is rarely strengthened, which allows it to be played in a level state without abuse of levels superior to those who are newly, then, what do you gain with time? Indeed, what you gain is a greater range of abilities and to be able to adjust the character with greater personalization through the points of knowledge that give us the possibility of progressing through time and being able to test our skills.
    These points of knowledge are obtained by the activities you do such as exploration or finding the relics around the world among many other activities.
    Although it may seem like a normal skill tree of assigning skill points and progress to one direction, it is not.
    When you reach a resting point to reset all the points and assign them to your favorites with total freedom! And best of all, it's free, a difference from many other games.

    This means one thing, a character can be tank or dps while he is not fighting against animals, thanks to the knowledge points assigned to role plays, changing between battle and battle the type of game that you have equipped with a maximum of two sets, you can carry out a sword / shield side and on the other an arc with which to fight, so when this is assured, place the knowledge points evenly to be effective in battle and adjust to your companions.
    This is not useful when killing enemies and hunting different types of animals that may have different characteristics that exist in adulthood, this is different when fighting as some stronger and give better rewards.

    Currently the game is in development, on June 1 began to seek funding through Kickstarter where they hope to achieve their goal and increase their staff, there are currently 7 developers and want to go more, while, wait until June 1 where they have commented that as a result of that date they will go more information about the Pre-Alphas, the versions and their official launching until then it will touch wait, if you are of the anxious ones like me, there is no more in registering now and acquire points getting unique rewards for its future launch and even the possibility of getting a key to the free Pre-Alpha.

    Forgive if my English translation is not optimal.

    Greetings from Spain:clap_tone2: :clap_tone2: :clap_tone2:


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