Will the game be multiplatform?

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    I am very interested in seeing this game on ps4. One of the comments stated that the view is "perspective projection" similar of dota 2 view. A good rival to diablo 3 as well as a good mmo would be nice to see on consoles.
    A potential cross platform game would be great too!

    Please comment below all your thoughts!!


    I'm in the opposite camp. Multi-platform in my gaming experience has always resulted in some sort of loss for one party or another. One version of the game winds up getting the short end of the stick because it is a royal pain to maintain multiple branches of code with drastic differences. So instead titles end up being cut back to keep things maintainable.

    Of course if the devs are going to support it then so be it. Maybe they can make it work. Some developers have done a great job with multi-platform titles. I just feel it is quite rare.

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    from the faq:

    1. On what platforms will Fractured be available?

    The game is being developed for computers running Windows, macOS and Linux. While support for all these three operating systems is planned to be available on full release, it is possible that only Windows support will be available during alpha / beta. Clarifications on this issue will be released when the game approaches its first testing phases.

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