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    We had a thread about arenas here a while ago. It got derailed because of people discussing whether betting in arenas would be legal, so I'm just going to say that while I personally support the idea of betting on arena fights, and I don't think it would be illegal since no real money is being exchanged, that's not the point of this thread. So, thoughts:

    Arenas could be some of the biggest attractions of player-controlled cities, if done right. There could be 1v1 duels, group fights, monster battles... I imagine in beastman arenas, you could only fight until your opponent is unconscious, while demons would let you murder and loot your enemy without restrictions. For humans, it would probably depend on the laws of the guild controlling the city the arena is in.

    It's a good way to introduce PvP to players who are normally skeptical of it because of its chaotic nature.

    A guild could decide to hold a tournament at one of their cities to increase prosperity, rewarding the victor with gold and items out of the guild's own treasury.

    There could be tournaments for wielders of specific weapons (such as swords, staves etc), each with their own leaderboards, and the top wielders of each weapon could get unique titles.

    I'm not sure if Fractured will have mounted combat, but if so: jousting.

    Since cities will be in different regions with different climates, professional arena fighters would have to analyse before each fight what kind of gear-skill combos would work best in this particular arena.

    Guilds would fight over the prestige of having the best duelers, like sports teams do over players in real life. This could be one of the most lucrative professions fit for the most skilled of players (with the most time to kill in real life).


    @nelchael I very much like the idea of holding a tournament. It could bring people together... Or it could allow a sneaky guild to crafty and destroy another city. Do you have enough defences to secure your city during a tournament? Infiltration and sneaky.



    True, but then, would it really be a good idea to attack a city that is currently housing the best fighters of the region?


    that depends, i mean if a demon horde just fancied the opportunity to go full marauder into human/beastman cities it would be quite catastrophic.

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    Considering you can not stay logged h24 I hope thatwillbe possible to hire npcs on defence.


    I agree for a duel system for some fun with friend and train pvp but HELL NO PLZ no arena plz plz only open world pvp please !

    Arena kill open world pvp

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    @zopek how can kill open world pvp? Do you think people prefer instanced things?


    I have experiment that in Fallen earth where arena killed the open pvp

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    @zopek prolly people prefers that but you should not blame people if they prefers B to A. At the same time offering only one choice is not the best.



    I don't see how that could happen in Fractured, to be honest.

    • Beastmen don't really have any open world PvP to speak of, so no issue there.
    • For humans, murder (ie. open world PvP) will be punished by guild law, so people won't do it unless it's worth it, like for equipment or loot, in which case arenas won't really have an effect on that.
    • I doubt anything can stop demons from randomly murdering each other, let's be real.


    Thing is, since Fractured is fully open world and has no instances, then Arena would also be open world.

    Think BDO arena space. Open world, just flags you differently while you are in the arena space. Fractured arena would also function like that I bet.

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    @nelchael Remember that if beastmen are outside of Arboreus and they start to kill people they can become abominations so they can play open world PvP; actually every race can be either good or evil even if you are a demon (going full angel), I suppose it's hard thou.

    And talking about arenas, I think they could do something like a Skirmish, so people could bet on 1v1 duels and watch them from outside the ring. Then the arena can't be big that's the only problem for ranged players.

    If they really want good arenas then they probably will come up with some sort of 2v2 or 3v3 instanced arena like WoW or a bigger 5v5 arena with objectives to come up with (not like albion plz), maybe the 5v5 term could be good if they put like runes (of DotA/HoN), this runes can give u a small buff but each team will fight for them and maybe flags to get (like unreal tournament); this can be worked out a lot more, im just proposing ideas in case of instanced arenas.

    This feature WON'T kill a game if done well (if all the other PvP/PvE aspects of the game are balanced and well designed).


    arena tournaments would be good as an event to fill in between other events. Lore wise it could be a human king wanted to know who was the best fighter and started a tournament in an arena where it was 1v1. so it became famous across the 3 planets where this one month (or few weeks) combatants come together to fight in an arena.

    A servant asked the king if the tournament could be changed to allow teams, as the servant overheard one group saying they were the best... so the team arena tournament started...



    The same rules still apply to them, no matter their alignment; no killing on Arboreus, guild law on Syndesia, and just random slaughter on Tartaros. Arenas wouldn't really have an effect on any of these.

    I imagine arena sizes would vary depending on the city. That's something players would have to account for as well when picking their strategies and equipment.


    Sounds dope!

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