• So, this game looks pretty cool. I’m definitely gonna spend some time here reading up as much as I can. Hope to see you all in game.


    @sii Hello, and I'm not a bot. Here is all the information you may need

    Review sections, what's what:

    News & Announcements - this information on the forum about the news, they can also be viewed on the official website in the "news" section"

    Development Updates - short reviews of game development, not advertised on the official website

    Welcome to Fractured - here greet new arrivals

    General Discussions - here we publish the ideas of the players (you can get a reward in the form of points Fund).

    It is desirable to create topics in the section with discussions in two languages-in English and in your native language, so you will be able to understand more people

    Questions & Answers - in principle, questions are asked, which try to answer as quickly as possible

    Guild Recruitment - information about existing guilds and about willing to join in them

    Non-English Discussions - appeal of users to their language community

    Off Topic - there is information about opportunities forum, theme with daily task and many

    Also, if you posted a topic in the wrong section, you can write a moder with a request that it be rescheduled. In addition, you can ask him to remove your deleted post ( to make it disappear from the public, as there are comments and the link to the post).

    Free alpha key will give the top 100-1000, or participants kickstarter
    Kickstarter June 1st!
    Fractured is still in development. Pre-alpha and alpha version of the game will be available in 4Q 2018
    The game at the time of release will cost somewhere around $20 - $30 and is B2P
    The game will not be on Android and ISO
    Localization of the game will be on Spanish, (Brazilian) Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Polish and other languages

    Pss, I have in profile there is interesting information

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    @sii welcome aboard new friend 🤗 I hope too, see you around 😉

    Quotes from the original post Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I play Fractured?
    Fractured is still in development. The pre-alpha and first alpha wave are scheduled for late 2018.

    What's the release date for Fractured?
    It's still way too early to give a release date.

    How do I get access to the pre-alpha, alpha and beta?
    You can win a pre-alpha key through the Foundation. Alpha and beta keys for the testing phases after the pre-alpha can be bought through the upcoming Kickstarter.

    When does the Kickstarter start?
    The Kickstarter will start in June.

    Can I play Fractured on mobile?
    Fractured is only being developed for the PC.

    What's Fractured's payment model?
    Fractured will be buy to play with a cash shop, selling cosmetics only. No lootboxes.

    What are the system requirements?
    The developers are working to keep Fractured available on mid-range computers and laptops, including those a few years old.

    Will Fractured be released in other languages besides English?
    The developers want to offer Fractured in various languages. The developers will prioritize the languages ​​from countries with a strong language barrier first.

    Does Fractured have classes?
    No, Fractured uses a skill building system called the Knowledge System.


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