Will there be Roleplay?


    I guess what I mean to ask is, will this game be Roleplayer-Friendly? Open Bars and unique landscapes? Assuming you're not a Demon on Tartaros (Roleplayers in the middle of a PvP atmosphere have a Deathwish and shouldn't complain when they get crashed.) It'd be interesting to see Roleplayers Running around making their stories in human settlements and whatnot.

    Always held an interest in looking at what stories Roleplayers will create despite not being a Roleplayer myself.

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    @cysan In Fractured, it is possible for players to build their own cities. You could build your own role-playing city if you like. In terms of landscapes, there will be three planets, each with multiple zones. In addition to that, there are asteroids. More information about those will be revealed in the future.

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    @Cysan we're quite sure Arboreus and the beastman race will be the roleplayers' favorite due to the peaceful/cooperative environment. Things will be harder on Syndesia, but I fully expect there will be roleplaying communities there too. The size of the world and the importance of travel will definitely be of help in this regard indeed. The fact every decently developed town (in all the 3 planets) will have a public inn will be appreciated too - although the inn is technically there for other gameplay-related reasons 😉


    @Prometheus A word of caution, Prometheus. Arboreus may be popular amongst certain roleplayer sects, but I'll wager a drink MANY Roleplayers will flock to Syndesia, partially because it is the home of the human race, partially because of the spoiler as to the Steampunk element, and partially because it is the middle ground between the three planets.

    While I may not be partaking in the roleplay myself, I have seen enough roleplay to venture a guess as to the whims and desires of Roleplayers, though I am not all-knowing/all-seeing and I have been proven wrong before. Nevertheless, Syndesia should be expected to be a hotspot for Roleplay.

    And now a spoiler for you, I brought this up to some Roleplayers I know from other communities while showing them. If their interest remains come next year, you will have at least one Roleplay group on Tartaros. Demons are a draw for many antagonist-inclined Roleplayers.

    I will continue to bring news of fractured to those I know.

    Can't wait to hear more,


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    @prometheus of course again with that famous wink face, that holds so much information 😂

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