Since this will be a mmo with a reasonable huge map, will there be modes of transport? Horse carriages, boats, or possible air ships?
    Or some kind of weird bug like morrowinds silt striders?


    @onyx-wartooth There will be different mounts, they will be a means of transportation and cargo transfer.

    Although it might sound a little weird for Beastmen, the answer is that all races can ride mounts - including the ones coming as Foundation rewards. Don't forget that Beastmen have two forms (basic and primal), and the basic one is two-legged, with a body shape that resembles the human one. Of course Beastmen can ride mounts only when in basic form - thus we totally believe a wolf-kin with a wolf mount won't look silly at all! 🙂

    Hi @Hellmaster91 - plenty of lovely questions but I'm afraid it's really too early for us to reply to most of them.
    Mounts will exist, but they're one of the very few things with core mechanics not fleshed out yet.
    Vehicles the way (I think) you're imagining them won't exist - Fractured will have carts, carriages and the like to transport goods, but not a "bus" driven by a player carrying other players eheh. That'd be a really huge feature to develop that wouldn't add much to gameplay, so it's something we can't afford as a (relatively) small team 🙁

    in General, it is more expedient to throw links

  • TF#10 - CONSUL

    Anyway, i suppose that to travel between worlds there will be some kind of portal, or a magic spell of teleportation.


    @dinok said in Transportation?:

    Anyway, i suppose that to travel between worlds there will be some kind of portal, or a magic spell of teleportation.

    These portals will have restrictions, which in turn is not profitable for trading purposes

    I'd like to know if I can get clarification on the amount of time a given race can remain on a planet other than theirs.
    In addition, for Demons; is it impossible for a Demon player to engage in group play with a friend of his who plays a human character?

    That depends on their preparation, their alignment vs the planet they're visiting, and whether there are special events running (such as an eclipse on Syndesia). In general, we're talking of short times - a few hours at most, which is linked to the idea that you're having an "adventure" on another planet, not settling there.

    As for engaging in group play with a Human friend, sure, the Human friend could travel to Tartaros or the Demon to Syndesia and they could play together. How long they will survive in a hostile planet is a whole different story 😉


    The easiest fast travel option, Gateways are magical doors located in a few key locations of each planet. When you enter one, you’ll be able to instantly teleport to any other Gateway located on the same planet that you have already discovered by physically travelling to it. Here’s the catch, though: you’ll be subject to various limitations when using one, including the inability to carry resources.

    Teleportation Magic. In Fractured, you’ll have the chance to learn a few spells that will allow you to teleport yourself to other locations on the same planet, subject to limitations similar to those of Gateways, including what items you can carry and the need to discover the destination first.

    The prime way to travel to other planets, Stargates require a great deal of group effort to be summoned and don’t last for long. After crossing one, the time you’re allowed to stay on the new planet is limited and varies according to your race, your alignment and your destination. Demons are a notable exception to this rule, having been gifted by Babilis the ability to travel to other worlds more easily to bring terror to the other much hated races

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