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    Hi all, is a question to dev and @Prometheus.

    So... we have different type of towns on 3 planets, some are governed by players, some are by the AI's game ...
    How NPC of there cities interact with players and there alignment ?

    1. Are cities have alignment ? (evil, neutral, good ?)
    2. Are NPC of demons' nests could react negatively to a good/neutral players passing by ? Like going to strike him to death ?
    3. Are NPC Beastmen kill (or flee) at demon sign ?
    4. Are NPC neutral/good could sell item to evil ?
      Thx in advance !


    Cities do have alignments.

    No hostile actions are permitted in Good-aligned towns besides during sieges, while protection outside of city walls depends on the efforts of the sovereign guild or alliance. This includes hiring NPC squads who hunt down and dispossess any player marked by a criminal flag such as Thief or Assassin. Starting towns can’t be conquered, are always Good-aligned, and their territories strictly patrolled.

    Evil players (such as demons) will be hunted by NPCs on the beastman planet.

    If your character has an Evil alignment and you manage to enter Arboreus, well, now you’re in trouble! The planet itself, pervaded by the primal energy of Elysium, immediately starts fighting to repel you. You become heavily debuffed, and normally pacific creatures turn aggressive against you, seeking you out to rip you apart.

    NPCs don't care much if you're evil or not.

    At least, being Evil is not enough to get you fully cast out of society. Guards on Syndesia let you enter towns, for instance, and some NPCs devoted to not-so-legal activities might even take a special interest in you.

    You can read Spotlight 6 for more information about alignment and crime.


    Thx I missed the lines on this #6 !

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