Traveling, veichles & mounts


    I want to ask if there are some ways to travel between locations on the same plane and what kind of vehicles and mounts are there.

    For example:

    1. Are there vehicles?
    • Can i build and drive a boat/wagon?
    • If there are vehicles, how they work? we need to wait some time to arrived at the destination, a player need to drive it manually, they work as fast travel or can i choose the drive mode?
    • If vehicles will be drive by a player, is there the possibilty to carry other players?
    • If i have a vehicles, can i carry only "friends" and/or other players?
    • If there are vehicles, will be they attacked and destroyed in any time by other players or monsters?
    1. Are there mounts? will we need to feed and cure them?
    • Are there stables where store mounts?
    • Are players able to built stables where store other player's mounts under payment?
    • If players stores they mounts into a stables build by another player, what kind of benefit my mount recive? (stat bonus or more stamina for example)
    1. Are there quest with vehicles?
    • example of quest: An human village is under attack by deamons or a rival guild! Save the refugees! And you need to carry npc from the attacked location with your vehicles to the nearest village/cities to end this quest.
    1. Can i see the location of my mount/wagon/boat on the map? i don't want to lose it XD

    Many thanks to all!!

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @hellmaster91 I also was wondering this, I knew there are mounts but I was also wonder if they could get hurt or something so good question!


    @mikey14117 thanks 🙂

  • DymStudios - CEO

    Hi @Hellmaster91 - plenty of lovely questions but I'm afraid it's really too early for us to reply to most of them.

    Mounts will exist, but they're one of the very few things with core mechanics not fleshed out yet.

    Vehicles the way (I think) you're imagining them won't exist - Fractured will have carts, carriages and the like to transport goods, but not a "bus" driven by a player carrying other players eheh. That'd be a really huge feature to develop that wouldn't add much to gameplay, so it's something we can't afford as a (relatively) small team :slight_frown:


    @prometheus If this is a fantasy game imo I wouldn´t like to see cars, bus, spaceships, etc, in the game 🙂

  • TF#3 - ENVOY

    @frost lol I agree with that


    @mikey14117 Thank you ahaha 😛

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