ok friends I finally had time to see Solo a Star Wars story this weekend. Considering reports of poor box office performance my expectations were set to sub light, but that movie was freaking awesome. I thought it was better than any other Disney era Star Wars movie. Just curious as to what y'all thought of it? is the poor box office results really due to fan backlash over Last Jedi et al, or am I just a poor judge of a good movie?


    I haven't seen any of the Disney Star Wars movies yet.
    Just think it's weird. When I think of Disney I think of children's cartoons and movies.


    I saw it last week as well. Although I enjoyed it and am thoroughly loving that Disney is willing to take the IP beyond the "main" storyline, I didn't enjoy it as much as Rogue One. I'm glad they kept parts of his history from the Han Solo Trilogy books intact at least. Wasn't terribly impressed on how they portrayed Lando as a charismatic cheat and coward though. I think whoever wrote the script was a bit bitter about Cloud City yet... I honestly think it's just hard for some people to conceptualize something being a Star Wars movie that doesn't involve any Jedi or Sith or a lightsaber battle. After watching the movie though it made me really get a hankering for a modern open-world MMO like Star Wars Galaxies was back in the good ol' days before the NGE forced you into a class. I want to make my character my own, not fit into a specific class for the life of the game. Anyway, back on topic - Solo was good, not the greatest but not as terrible as people have been making it out to be. I'm looking forward to more SW movies that build upon the expanded universe.


    Hey, we talk about it with Sw'fan friends of me at today lunch .

    1. It seems Disney has made a bad promotion saying the movie was "not so good" : but it is ^^
    2. We appreciated Solo, Lando and Chewbacca actors... they played well.
    3. Together we agree with that : "Rogue One" and "Solo" wast best movies than 7/8... but why ?
      => These side-movies are in the SW universes, each one were included in the side story we know (Clone wars and Rebels included), with different cross path and different reference points (deathstar map, millennium in a bait...). The sets was good (old, used, no-shiny stuff).
      => But Disney want to restart the SW universe with there own objectives, to turn a page. That's why old main story characters are so bad and youth actors are more on foreground... And old fan dislike Disney because of that in fine.

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